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Show How You #BendTheTrend + Share The Love On National #ShoutOutDay!

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JCPenney® and Latina Bloggers Connect.

Back to school shopping is so much fun, particularly for me because it’s an excuse to shop for my boys- and me too! Since back to school time is right around the corner (where did the summer go?) we started our shopping for the essentials. First stop: JCPenney®, because it has it all under one room, and at affordable prices too…a variety of styles to fit my family’s needs.

And this year, JCPenney® is helping us Bend the Trend with style mashed outfits that match up distinct styles that totally work together, like classic skater skirts with metallic screen tees. All rules can be bent a little, including the rules of fashion!

bend the trend

Since I have boys, I of course focused on cool boy fashions. We walked around the store and found mannequins highlighting the most popular trend-bending combos, like Gym-Tastic, Plaid-Posterous, and Varsity-Hues, and we picked our faves to shop. I also had fun creating my own mashups on the JCPenney site. I call this Skater Boy Meets Comic Book Geek (my favorite, for both my sons):

skater boy meets comic book geek

The Varsity Prepster:

varsity prepster

and finally, this masterpiece is called the Music-Loving Rebel. My sons are cool enough to rock it, and I can picture some laid back dude who loves J.D. Salinger and jazz wearing this as he casually slouches along:

jazz loving rebel

You’ll see the ads featuring stylish kids in the Bend the Trend campaign everywhere soon, including online and in popular magazines, so your kids are probably going to already know about it and be ready to shop. Teens are always social, and today their can share their selfies and daily adventures on their favorite social media. August 12th is National #ShoutOutDay (JCPenney® called it), encouraging all of us to share compliments and support for others.

Share the love on #ShoutOutDay

Your teen can share their selfies and vLogs online showing their own unique style with #BendTheTrend… and JCPenney® will help support their true-to-self shares and shout outs to friends and family by giving their own shout-outs to everyone who participates on their social media!

JCPenney® will also offer digital complimentary e-cards for teens from JCPenney®’s Tumblr page to send to friends when they post their back-to-school gear selfies. Compliments are trending!

Find JCPenny Latino on facebook here. And stay tuned, we’ll be sharing what back to school stash my sons loved at JCPenney® for great prices, along with a little something for me too!

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JCPenney® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

  • Debbie Denny

    Awesome outfits. Really nice and stylish.

  • Shannon Gurnee

    I love back-to-school shopping time! Sounds like they have some great deals!

  • James Hills

    Some great looks for the kids! I can’t believe it is back to school time already …

  • Tracy

    I will definitely share this info with my Nephews when they get ready to start back-to-shopping as I don’t have kids! 🙂

  • Rosey

    Those are some great choices. I like JcPenney for back to school. It’s very reasonably priced and they have a good return policy too.

  • Christie

    My son is really into Avengers right now! That Avengers outfit would be perfect for 1st grade!