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Rapunzel Dreams & Fairy Tale Hair #Beauty

Rapunzel was a maiden in a fairy tale, but real women everywhere dreamed of having such long, beautiful tresses while growing up, a flowing crown of magical locks that adorned the princess and attracted a royal prince to come to her rescue – it sounded so seductive and ethereal, a feminine princess with a flowing mane of gold.

Fairy tale hair extensions

Most women don’t have hair like that. I always wanted waist length hair, and the few times I managed to grow my hair that long, my scissor-happy hair dressser and bob-loving mom would convince me to cut it off, and all I’d have left were photos of what were happier hair days for me. I wondered how so many other women, many who colored their hair, others who were moms like me, managed to maintain such gorgeous hair, and little by little I’d learn that most (pretty much all) had hair extensions.

Well, now I wanted hair extensions too!

But I had no idea where to get quality hair extensions, how to match them to my hair, how to put them in. I was introduced to Irresistible Me hair extensions, and for the first time, I realized this type of beauty, this magical, fairy tale hair, was available to me, and all women. Gorgeous, high quality, real hair (Remy hair, considered of highest quality) was available in a range of colors, lengths, and thickness, depending on what your fantasy vision of yourself tells you is right for you.

I, of course, wanted Rapunzel, so I asked for the longest hair (24 inches). I was actually sent 22 inches, which was quite long. I ordered color #14, Golden Blonde, because that is what my base color is (you match it to your base to look most natural, but there are options for highlighted extensions also if you prefer that, or if you want to clip in highlights).

Before I added in the Irresistible Me hair extensions, my hair was pretty lifeless…it’s flat on top, thinnish, and unless I wash it daily and blow it out often, a bit scraggly:

before hair extensions

You can clip in your Irresistible Me hair extensions yourself, whenever you want them, and remove them whenever you want. Each set has ten pieces – 1 piece of 4 clips (8″), 2 pieces of 3 clips (6″), 5 pieces of 2 clips (4″) and 2 pieces of 1 clip (1.5″)- so you can add a little or a lot of fullness where ever you need it, and they have a free return/exchange policy if the color or length isn’t right, as long as you don’t use the hair. It gives me the option to cut my hair shorter again and just lengthen my hair temporarily whenever I want, or to add volume and fullness to longer hair that really needs a little pumping up (I have seriously fine hair, lacks volume, and you can’t be Rapunzel without volume).

I added five pieces but for best results adding all is better, because they vary in volume and really work together to add to a more natural overall appearance. It’s also better to not start with hair with a very blunt cut because it can be a little harder to disguise, but it can be done with a little work and lots of combing through.

After adding in Irresistible Me hair extensions on a lark one evening and recruiting my husband to take pictures:

love wavy blonde hair

love wavy blonde hair-7

love wavy blonde hair

Perfect color blend, but I definitely should have used all ten pieces since my hair is so fine naturally. In the future I will add them all, because I utterly love, love, love, love them and how much longer and fuller they make my hair appear.

What you should now about Irresistible Me hair extensions:

1. They are made from real hair

2. They are gorgeous (mine were a perfect color match…I couldn’t tell where my hair ended and the extension began)

3. You can style them and even color them (but like your own real hair, can get damaged from too much processing so go easy on these beautiful extensions if you’d like them to last a long time).

hair extensions golden blonde

Anyone can have long, dreamy tresses. Visit Irresistible Me to see their range of products and colors and turn yourself into a fairytale princess with just a few clips…use code IrresistiblePenelope for 10% off your order.

Irresistible Me hair extensions featured in this review are golden blonde, 200 g and 22 inches long

  • Oh I want these. My hair is getting long but no where near where I want it. These would be perfect for me. They look great too and natural, huge bonus. I’ve seen many that well look hideous.

  • Penelope

    You would look great with them! You do “fairy tale princess” well 🙂

  • It looks gorgeous! I have hair like yours, fine and flat, so this might be a good option for me. How long does it take to put them in?

  • Penelope

    It’s quick but you want to make sure they don’t show so I’d say about 5-10 minutes while you check in between to make sure your top hair covers it nicely.

  • These extensions look so incredibly natural! Just seeing the pics of your hair, I never would have known these were extensions!

  • When I graduated high school I sat on my hair. It is now chin length and I love it like this. My husband on the other hand misses the long hair. So I am not growing it out. If there was a way to use these and have a super short cut, I’d do it. Then we could both have hair we wanted.

  • Jennifer

    I love the extensions! I have short, super-fine, baby hair that is thinning with age. Ugh. I bought some silly cheap extensions just for fun but I would definitely invest in a better product for daily use.

  • Penelope

    You could do that…long hair for him, and short hair for you with just a few clips 🙂 My husband pretends he doesn’t really care, but it was pretty obvious he LOVED the super long hair, lol.

  • I love it! It looks so natural, and so beautiful!

  • I think it would be really fun to experiment with these. They look pretty amazing on you!

  • I’ve never tried hair extensions. They look great on you, very natural looking.

  • Simply gorgeous! I have never worn extensions before. I’m always worried that they’ll fall out.

  • I can’t even tell you have extensions in! My hair is actually waist length now. I have thick hair but it thins out towards the bottom. 🙁 And it’s in desperate need of a trim!

  • Wow! I think my favorite part is the fullness that the extensions added. Your hair looks great both ways, but I love the ability to mix it up a little without a huge commitment.

  • You look gorgeous with and without the extensions! I could use extensions since I have to curl my hair to make it looks like it has body.

  • My stylist does extensions for a great price but I have yet to try them. You look wonderful wearing yours and I really like how natural they appear.