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When It’s Time To Get Away From It All With Your Family

This post brought to you by Gulf County, Florida. All opinions are 100% mine.

A vacation is supposed to be just that…a vacation. A break away from it all, so ideally a trip to someplace, say, with white-sand beaches, glorious sunsets, and beautiful bayous would fit the bill. Someplace like Gulf County in Northwest, Florida, where high-rises and busy highways have never existed, and never will.

I was looking at some of the magnificent activities offered in Gulf County, and there really is something for everyone. If you love the outdoors, there are wildlife encounters, seaside bike trails, and stand up paddleboarding. If you are more laid back and just want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area, there are 43 miles of natural shoreline filled with white sand beaches that face west toward the Gulf of Mexico and St. Joseph Bay, so you will see some of the most spectacular sunsets ever. It’s a wonderful place for family, and even pets are happily welcomed.

The motto here is “No worry, no hurry” and frankly, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a family vacation. I’d love to go with my family and watch my boys bike around, try kayaking with their dad, and maybe I’ll join them for a bit of snorkeling. Since I love anything historical, the legendary Tupelo Honey harvest that starts in late April to early May would be something I’d appreciate, and the annual festival is coming up on May 17th.

If you have trouble unplugging but really want a vacation to get away from it , here you have to. Wifi is sporadic, so you really can focus on taking a break in the pristine quiet and beauty of Gulf County, and focus on your family. No outside intrusions allowed!

Share A Selfie On Instagram For The Chance To Win a Spring Getaway to Gulf County

Last year “selfie” because a part of our lexicon, and has since been elevated to something we do to share our lives with others- we show ourselves living our lives and share it with our social networks of friends.

Gulf County, Florida wants to see your selfies! Just snap a selfie showing you doing something active outdoors that you love, and share it on Instagram with #GCFLnofilter to @gulfcountyfl, for a chance to win one of five long-weekend Spring Getaways to Gulf County in Florida. The package includes $200 toward travel expenses and $150 toward the activity you feel passionate about. So if you love jogging, fishing, playing basketball, anything, share it on Instagram with a note about what you are doing, and you can win your own getaway to one of the most relaxing places you may ever visit. Messy, sweaty, and real shots are all welcome.

For every selfie entered into the #GCFLnofilter contest, GCGL will donate $1.00 to Outdoor Nation – a movement helping to connect kids and teens back to the outdoors…here is their message:

“We stand for nature and we stand for adventure. We stand for climbing, hiking, surfing, and singing. We stand for dirt under our fingernails and sand between our toes. We believe in the power and passion of the Millennial Generation, and we stand for whatever you stand for. We are artists. We are activists. We are explorers, dreamers, students and teachers. We are Outdoor Nation. And we want to help you change the world.”

So get to snapping!

Here is my “selfie” (I love going on photography hikes in my local neighborhoods with other hobbyists in the evenings once a month- watching the season changes is fun, and this would be AWESOME to do on the famous coastal shores of Gulf County!):

Like GCFL on Facebook and salute real beauty!. Come visit GCFL for a real vacation with your family.

What would your favorite thing to do at GCFL be?

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  • Donna

    I love the “No hurry, no worry” motto…. I think I should start taking some selfies.

  • I’m ready for a Florida vacation. I hope to later this year.

  • Great sweeps! I’d love to visit there and go kayaking!

  • I think I would most like to just sit on the beach and enjoy the wind and the waves 🙂

  • It seems like the last few times I was in Florida, it was just for an overnight or short layover before a Caribbean trip. I’ll take a cocktail by the beach at sunset for my GCFL visit please!

  • Raijean

    I could definitely use a real vacation, looks like fun!

  • Looks like such a fun place to visit.

  • I would love a vacation even a mini one! We haven’t had once since our honeymoon… 5 years ago!!

  • Awesome selfie love your activity! I am very much a beach person.

  • I adore Florida and would love to visit Gulf County! It looks like there’s so much to offer!

  • Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

  • I would LOVE to go there! Anywhere with a beach I’m happy.

  • That looks so beautiful. We definitely have some gorgeous places here in Florida.

  • Walking and playing on the beach sounds like my kind of vacation. I haven’t done much kayaking but would love to try again some day.

  • Gulf County sounds like an amazing vacation spot. We just took a “get away from it all” mini trip and I’m already ready for another one!