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Grilling Gazebo- An Outdoor Oasis {Especially For Dad}

We love a good barbecue, and in our backyard we often invite guests over for a day of grilling fun. It’s an open yard with lots of sunlight, and the cook/chef/my husband stands by a hot grill in the hot sun serving up those delicious burgers and kebabs, so for men like him, the Grilling Gazebo by Brylane Home creates an oasis in the midst of all that UV for him to keep on turning out our summer day bbq nosh hour after hour.

grilling gazebo-3

The Grilling Gazebo is a roomy eight feet high by eight feet wide, and goes five feet back, with two glass shelves to lay out foods, and a basket for the chef to store his gear, complete with five hooks for his cooking utensils. It’s the perfect spot for anyone who wants to step into the shade for a bit to while replenishing their plate, and if a short drizzle happens to pass by, the barbecue stays nice and dry. The Grilling Gazebo canopy is vented and fire retardant, and the steel frame is rust resistant, so it can last for many summers of barbecue parties.

grilling gazebo basket

The Grilling Gazebo is available for half off it’s regular price at Brylane Home, and new email subscribers get a 20% off coupon delivered to their inbox as well, so you can enjoy the Grilling Gazebo at your barbecues this summer for about $160. They are also offering a great selection of outdoor furniture on sale, including stackable and reclining seating.

I was sent the item featured here by Brylane Home for the purpose of this review.

  • Now that is neat! I love how it gives them shade and has places to hang tongs and stuff! My husband would love this!

  • This would be fantastic for our huge deck! We have just a little bit of covered space where we set our grill, but it’s tight because there isn’t a huge amount of overhang. My husband is really fair and hates to have the sun on him while grilling.

  • I’m loving this Gazebo, such a great idea to make bbq’ing easy.

  • How nice for the chef not to have to be out in the brutal sunlight when it’s already hot by the grill. This is great!

  • How cool is that! I know my husband would love it!

  • That is so cool! I need one of those!

  • I love this grilling gazebo. My Dad would love it too.

  • How cool is that? I’d totally have that in our backyard for a little grilling area!

  • What a fabulous grill area. I wish we had a house so we could have a beautiful grill.

  • That’s pretty stinkin’ cool! We were always at a loss of where to put things 😛

  • What a great idea I love the baskets and especially the shade!

  • My husband would love a set up like this!

  • It looks good and provides shade!

  • That is actually pretty cool!

  • I’m totally getting this for my hubby! He loves grilling and this would be so perfect for him.

  • My husband is fair too and I immediately thought of him when I saw Penelope’s photos.

  • I know my father would love this grilling setup. He loves to grill out year round.

  • What a great idea, then you can grill out without the sun beating on your or even if it is raining. We have a gazebo, just not over our grill.

  • It gets hot standing there in the sun, cooking for a long time. That’s a great idea!

  • This would be absolutely wonderful here in Las Vegas where it seems to be quite hot for more than half the year! You can’t beat that affordable price tag either.

  • I know! It’s quite the set-up, isn’t it?

  • I like the idea of being covered in the rain as well

  • What a great option for those of us who don’t have a lot of shade in our backyard!