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Favorites From The 365 – February #Photography

Like his big brother


There’s an Angry Bird in there


Playing hide and seek (but scared of the dark)

peek a boo

I finally went shoe shopping

new shoes

Far and near

far and near


Hide and seek tryptich

My favorite house warming gift

we will serve the Lord

  • They’re both adorable! 🙂

  • I love your plaque – we have a plaque with the same Bible Verse and our family name on it too 🙂

  • Adorable photos!

  • I love these shots! Your boys are adorable.

  • Beautiful shots! Your boys are just the cutest and you have such a classy elegant touch to your overall style.

  • I love that robot blanket! And my son would love hiding under it – we play a quick game of hide and seek before bed every night, and he always loves to hide under the blanket hanging over the edge of his crib.

  • so adorable. Your boys are getting so big and they are absolutly the cutest

  • Beautiful pictures! I love those peek a boo ones!

  • I love your photos – you always do such a great job.

  • I have shoes almost just like that. You have good taste! 😉

  • Raijean Stroud

    These pictures are so beautiful and clear!

  • Love the shoes, and of course those two cuties!

  • So jealous of your skills! I need to make time to learn!! Your son is so adorable! My daughter is pregnant early on and am so excited to be a grandma!!

  • Seriously so adorable. His eyes just smile in every picture. Love your new shoes too!

  • Your boys are always so precious. The ipad photo reminds me of our house. I love those shoes by the way, so cute!

  • They are adorable. And cute shoes too!

  • I love your pics! Your boy is adorable! And I love your shoes!rr

  • Mickey

    Great photos! I love the light in all of them – so pretty!

  • The strappy shoes are AWESOME!

    And, gosh, your little guy always looks so happy!

  • Your pictures are amazing! If you don’t mind me asking, what type of camera do you use? I’m looking for a new one (as my current one suck), so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, your little boys are super cute!

  • You take such amazing photos and they are adorable.

  • You already know I think the boys are adorable, so congrats on your new shoes!

  • Beautiful boys and YEY for shoe shopping!

  • My absolute favorite picture is the first one with the focus on your son’s feet. It’s so cute. I like your new shoes too.

  • Penelope

    Thanks 🙂 I use a dSLR (it’s called the d700 but it’s an old, discontinued model). There are lots of great cameras out there, but I like a camera that lets you change the focus point easily, and lets you shoot in manual so you can play around with the aperture (to get those blurry backgrounds- I love those!)…any dSLR will do that for you 🙂

  • Your boys are just so cute!