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Statement Lighting

While renovating our home, we found ourselves selecting new lighting pieces for each room, and for the first time I realized that our choice in lighting says something about our home and the room itself. Statement lighting can add character to a room, and enhance the overall feeling (or detract from it if it isn’t well selected).

We chose both indoor and outdoor lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, lamps, and various ceiling lights, and went a different way in each room. One of my favorite rooms in the house now is the living room, which achieves a serene and cozy atmosphere by being simply and minimally lit with the fire from a corner fireplace and a tabletop lamp with a cream colored shade…the effects of our lighting choices made all the difference.

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Statement Lighting – Table and Floor Lamps

Need a little inspiration? Here are some lamps I absolutely love. They are all so unique yet simple and elegant for their purpose. Whether you like a bit of whimsy, clean lines, or the elegance of stained glass, these are all beautiful choices.

statement lighting table lamps

1. ORE Arch Floor Lamp

2. River of Goods Stained Glass Floral Leaf 23″ Desk Table Lamp

3. HGTV Home Voyage 25″ H Table Lamp

4. Pacific Coast Lighting El Dorado Three Light Uplight 30″ H Table Lamp

This is a partnered post as a Wayfair Homemaker.

  • We do not have many lamps in our house but there are some really pretty ones I’d love to get!

  • That’s one thing I definitely do need to update in my house. My lamps are so old and some of them I can’t touch or they’ll fall apart. These are cute alternatives!

  • Whoa, I just went to the website and their stuff is so pretty! I think I need to do some major redecorating. 🙂

  • I’ll have to take a look because I need to get a couple of lamps for our family room. I like the multi-arm one you show in your post, if I could get that in an oil-rubbed bronze finish it would fit really well in that room 🙂

  • I seriously need to buy some lamps for our home, we don’t have any. All of our lights are built into the ceiling but it;ll be nice to have something for my nightstand and tables.

  • That Tiffany-esque lamp is gorgeous, alas it wouldn’t go with any of my decor. #3 would, though!

  • I really like numbers one and four. Lighting is such an easy way to add a fun accent.

  • Every room in our home has a ceiling fan with overhead lighting, but I still love the look of a beautiful table lamp. They can definitely add a touch of glam and make great decorative pieces!