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Visiting The Cradle Of Aviation Museum

Everyone had off this year to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr, and we decided to spend the day as a family visiting the Cradle of Aviation Museum and Education Center in Garden City, NY. Known as Long Island’s Air and Space Museum, we had a great time learning about air travel, the history of our adventures in space, and more.

There is an area for little explorers called the Jet Blue club that is really a nursery/play area, and three levels of air crafts, balloons, and mock ups of space crafts. It’s wonderfully done, and almost all of the exhibits are real air crafts that were used in wars and by the military. There were quite a few nods to Star Trek (this Trekkie loved that one of the aircraft carriers was named Enterprise), and overall it made us a little sad that we basically deserted our space programs and don’t continue to gaze upward and wonder what else is out there.

There was also a Firefighters Museum, where little man wanted to spend most of his time, playing with fire hoses and play homes and firefighter uniforms. There were amazing fire models created by local volunteer fire departments (mainly the Manhasset-Lakeville fire department- one is shown in a photo below, and the details and talent is amazing!). It was a fun family day for anyone interested in air and space travel, and families with children- we had a great time.


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$= About $14 adults, $12 seniors and children 2+, extra for planetarium, dome theater, and Firefighters Museum. Cafe and gift shop.
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Charles Lindbergh Blvd.
Garden City, NY 11530
General(516) 572-4111
Reservations(516) 572-4066

  • That looks like a nice place to visit. It brings back memories of visiting the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

  • As always, great pictures! My kids would love it there, and the admission prices are very reasonable!

  • What a fun museum for kids, especially those who love aviation.

  • Wow, that place has a ton of interesting exhibits. I’m glad to hear they even had a section for littles one to enjoy!

  • How neat! I love the planes!

  • This is like a boys dream museum

  • Oh, this looks like a fun place to visit! I wish there was a museum like ~this~ in my area.

  • How fun! My toddler son would absolutely LOVE it here. He’s obsessed with all things transportation and would really have a ball at this museum. We’ll have to get there sometime.

  • Looks like an awesome place to take the whole family!

  • This would be right up my husband’s alley. He loves museums like this. We recently were in San Antonio and we went to the Pacific War Museum, we spent hours in there!

  • Wow that looks like a fun place to go and spend the day! I wish we had something like that near us!!!

  • Our boys would LOVE visiting this museum…if we ever travel through NY, I’ll have to remember it.

  • This is exactly the kind of afternoon my son would really enjoy.

  • Looks like such a fun place to visit.

  • That looks like the perfect kind of place for my boys. How cool! I am going to the Kennedy Space Center this week, can’t wait to see what it is like.

  • My husband and son would LOVE that! My husband’s dad is a pilot for an airline so the whole family is big on flying &always has been.

  • This looks like a little boys dream a great place to learn and explore.

  • What a fun museum, especially for little boys. My mom grew up in Long Island and it has been far too long since our last visit.

  • Oh — what a FUN place for little boys!

    ps. You are such a beautiful family.

  • I guess it is true that space exploration has been set aside for the most part. I’m glad so much history is in places like this for us to enjoy.

  • A few weeks back, we headed to our local aviation museum. The kids really enjoyed it. Zoe loved the flight simulator! Looks like a fun filled day.

  • Donna

    I know my son would love to visit the museum. We live near Oak Ridge Museum of Science and Energy and my son could hang out there all day. Looks like a great experience for your family!

  • I love visiting museums. There is alawys so much to learn!

  • Looks like a really fun place to go visit! I wish we lived near it!

  • It looks like such a neat museum. I bet the little guys just loved it.