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Kuviez- You Can Finally Stop Making The Beds

I’m the person in this house that makes the beds…when I make them. There are days when I’m lucky to get out of the house with a little coffee inside me and the kids fed and dressed, so the idea of stopping and making the beds before heading out to do errands or bring little man to school was…well, it wasn’t happening. But I didn’t really like the sight of those messy beds either, and I felt like I wasn’t showing my family love by having them go to sleep in a sloppy bed each night.

I read somewhere that teaching your children to do chores from about three or four benefits you both, but I couldn’t expect my three foot tall toddler to make a bed. And then I learned about Kuviez, and became very grateful that there are logical people in the world. Seriously, how come no one ever thought of this before?

Kuviez are bed sheets for kids that stay in place with buttons, making sleeping safer (no getting tangled in the bed sheets) and making the chore of bed making in the morning a snap for little ones. The fitted sheet is held in place around the mattress with elastic bands, and the top sheet is buttoned to the fitted sheet. There is even a button in the pillow case, keeping everything neat. Your children won’t get tangled in their bed sheets or run off in the morning, leaving behind a tousled mess.

kuviez bed sheets

It’s basically the end of making the bed.


There are multiple holes for the buttons, so you can decide how tight the sheets should be, and accommodate mattress pads, etc. Everyone just jumps into bed at night and the sheets stay in place, covering your kids (and they can easily be removed by unbuttoning if you’d like), and in the morning, just pull the top up or button up, and the bed looks great. One less chore for you.

Check out Kuviez for all their patterns and styles (the one here is Star Pops Moon Drops).

  • I bet these can save a lot of time when it comes to making the bed.

  • I could definitely use these sheets, how cool!

  • This would be perfect for my son. I swear I have no idea what he does in there at night!

  • Genius!!

  • Love this!! I hope they come out with the adult version soon!!

  • I have to try these

  • Wow! Those are awesome!! My son needs them!

  • What a genius idea and great for teaching kids how to help out with bed making chores.

  • I love the fabric

  • Leilani

    I would love sheets like that. I spend way too much time making beds.

  • OH my gosh, I so could have used these for my little kickers. I had to redo everything every single morning because they slept so wildly.

  • Tammy

    I WANT! What an ingenious idea.

  • Noah needs this.

  • This is awesome. I need to check these out for my house.

  • How nifty!

  • Donna

    I hate making beds… this would sure help. 🙂

  • What an inventive concept!

  • Love this idea, I’m forever pulling on the sheets.

  • That is SUCH a good idea!

  • These would be great for my son.