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Surprising The Grandparents On A Warm Saturday With @PicturePeople #Portrait Memories

This post brought to you by Picture People. All opinions are 100% mine.

My sons are growing up fast, and the grandparents are constantly asking us for photos. I love to take pictures, but my photos are more along the lines of snapshots of our lives, not the type of portraits grandma and grandpa are looking for, so we decided to just bring the kids in to Picture People once and for all and get some portrait style photos of our little bunchkins being adorable, so everyone can finally have something to put on their mantle and in their wallets.

We stopped by a Picture People in Nassau, NY (located inside a Buy Buy Baby) on a busy Saturday, after making an appointment online, but luckily our photographer took care of us quickly. She was able to get my sons to pose, and laugh, for the photos. Our photographer quickly flipped through a variety of classic backdrops and pulled out some fun props for our boys to pose with, and we have moments captured that we can cherish for years to come. Afterwards, the wait for our photos was quick (less than an hour) and it was a nice way to surprise the grandparents on short notice.

Here are some of our portraits:

picture people portraits

The only thing that didn’t really please us was the rather high pressure sales tactic. I was there to review their services (and our photographer knew it) but that didn’t stop her from repeatedly suggesting we upgrade to a package that would cost us another $300-500, and for a family that likes to have pictures of our son taken often, we can’t afford that several times a year, so we would have preferred less push-selling and more freedom to peruse the photos and packages on our own a few minutes. She was a friendly photographer otherwise, so other than that, it was a good experience.

Ready to get some family Spring portraits done? Click for a coupon for 20% off Professional Portraits! Picture People is a national portrait chain with over 140 locations so there is very likely one near you too.

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  • Maryann

    such great pictures.

  • They turned out really cute and I am so shocked at the ready in 5 minutes part. That’s incredible!

  • You all look great and Picture People did a great job of capturing your family photo!

  • How cute, but honestly your own photos are so much cuter, brighter and look professional. Of course it is hard to get a family photo when you are taking the photo LOL.

  • I love Picture People. I have a lot of their photos on my wall right now!!

  • They all came out nice, but I like the family shot the best 🙂

  • I bet the grandparents loved them! I know I would, great portraits!

  • I agree these make a fabulous gift idea, especially for grandparents. You just can’t beat a 5 minute wait for gorgeous photos.

  • LyndaS

    I had never heard of Picture People. I like that you didn’t have to really wait.

  • They turned out perfect!

  • The pictures are awesome.

  • lovely pictures and even more beautiful family

  • What great shots! Those are fabulous as a gift!

  • Tammy

    You have the most photogenic family ever Penelope! Such handsome guys and one strikingly, beautiful woman!

  • Your baby looks JUST like you! They did a cute job with the pictures.

  • Penelope

    Thank you honey! 😀

  • Jenn

    5 minutes! wow.

  • Those are great photos!!!!

  • Oooh I need to see if there is a location near me. Your photos turned out wonderful!

  • I love your family picture – it turned out great! What a great service to not have to wait for your pictures – that’s so rare now.

  • Your family is just so cute! Your boys are adorable!