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Life Is Better When The Cleaning Is Easy #EOSpringCleaning

I don’t really like to clean, and one of the things I really hate to clean is my oven. It’s hard to wrestle with my sponge, trying to scrub out those splatters and spills, so I’m often just tempted to avoid it and ignore it all, but I can’t (because it’s both gross to have food stuck inside the walls and bottom of my oven, and dangerous- it’s a fire hazard!). I have to wait for a day my husband is off and can watch the boys to I can spend a good 30 minutes on my knees, head inside the oven, scrubbing and rubbing those nasty spots.

A chance to try out an oven cleaner that actually makes this chore less of a chore sounded good to me, so I did- I used Easy-Off this week for the first time. Easy-Off is the #1 oven cleaner that is supposed to get rid of baked-on grease and food spills (and I have plenty of both, because I use my oven a lot). There are two formulas: Heavy Duty, which cuts through the toughest grease in less than 5 minutes, and Fume Free, which is safe for self-cleaning ovens and doesn’t emit any caustic fumes. I chose Fume Free because my boys are always in the home with me and I just don’t want them to breath in any strong chemical smells that may irritate their little lungs.

The verdict? Easy-Off is a time saver, and will make getting ready for our Easter (we celebrate it May 5th this year) much easier for me! I was amazed to find that after I apply Easy-Off onto grimy areas and let it sit (I did nothing but apply it) the spills just wiped right off, no muscles required… who knew? Life is better when the cleaning’s EASY 🙂 Easy-Off can be found here.

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  • Although I have a self cleaning oven, I still find that I need a good cleaner to pre-treat any baked on yuck. Easy-Off sounds like a great solution!

  • Ugh I hate cleaning anything but the stove is a total PAIN! Going to check this stuff out 🙂

  • I am overdue to clean my oven, but I’m in the middle of quite a few other things right now.

  • Donna

    I love Easy Off! I’ve used it for years.

  • I need to get some of this Easy off, I just realized last week that I haven’t cleaned my oven since we let the housekeeper go a few years ago! LOL

  • I despise cleaning the kitchen but do it everyday because I don’t like the alternative..

  • I hate cleaning. Anything that makes my life easier is awesome. Which reminds me I need to clean my oven. It stinks every time I use it.

  • I need some of this.