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Second Shooting #Photography

I recently attended a baptism in a way I never have before…as the photographer. Well, not the photographer, but the second shooter, the photographer who shoots around the main photographer and sort of fills in the blanks while the main photographer does all the heavy lifting.

My friend Mark is a professional portrait photographer who also photographs wildlife, landscapes, travel destinations, and more, and because he knew of my interest in photography and my desire to get my hands dirty with some actual real life practice (on people other than my kids), he asked me to come along as his second shooter.

winter baptism-5

winter baptism-3

winter baptism-7

winter baptism-6

My favorite style of photography is lifestyle photography. It lets me capture people as they are, doing what they do. Traditional portraiture is an art, and my friend Mark is fabulous at it (he understands lighting and posing and the use of flash for traditional portrait photography) but it’s just not where my heart is.

As I learn more, and practice more, I know I want to photograph children, and especially to specialize in newborn photography. I can’t think of anything more wonderful. I have a long way to go before I’m where I want to be, but the process and learning experience is a lot of fun!

I had a really good time, the family was just lovely, and the little lady getting baptized, Winter, was a sweet creature with beautiful blue eyes. Shooting the children was really the most fun part for me…that and the family interaction. I love grandparents playing with grandkids, parents cuddling their babies- it’s all so wonderful!

  • you did a wonderful job. I think this is so great for your photography path and only more good things will come from your eye at taking amazing quality pictures.

  • You could possibly make a real go at that, Penelope. No joke!

  • I always look forward to your photos when I come to your blog. I really think you would be amazing at newborn photography and you could probably make good money! Our baby isn’t here yet, but I paid $350 for a newborn session.

  • These are wonderful shots!

  • Those are such adorable photos! You did a fantastic job!

  • Beautiful shots! I’m sure this is just the beginning for you. Can’t wait to see where the world of professional photography takes you.

  • Donna

    Penelope, you ARE a professional! I think this could be your calling. I truly do!

  • Penelope your photos are AMAZING and Beautiful. I bet the family would love them . What type of camera do u have

  • Penelope

    Thank you Tricia..it’s an old camera, a Nikon D700 (it’s been discontinued). I could probably update it since it doesn’t have video or anything but I’ve become used to it, and I like old things anyway, they are build hardier 🙂

  • You did wonderful Penelope, what an amazing opportunity! I see you doing well with photography.

  • What a wonderful opportunity for you and such gorgeous shots!

  • Your photos clearly show the passion you have to capture life as it’s happening, the colors are gorgeous and you had a fun family to photograph it looks like!

  • You captured some beautiful moments and isn’t the little lady just adorable!!!

  • These are beautiful photos. The lighting is perfect!

  • Oh my, the little one is so adorable! Your photos are amazing!

  • You really captured such sweet moments! I prefer non posed also – such beautiful heartfelt memories.

  • These photos are gorgeous, I always love looking at your pictures. You are a great photographer.

  • You did an AMAZING job! Just beautiful!

  • Love the pics!

  • Your photography is beautiful! It looks like you captured some very special moments.

  • The photos are fantastic. The family looks great in them.

  • These are fabulous photos, I never would have guessed you were the second shooter!

  • See I’ve said it again and again you take amazing photos, the at one of the little girl on the floor is precious.

  • Mellisa

    You are really talented!

  • One word…….AMAZING!

  • Penelope


  • I enjoy lifestyle photography as well. Love to capture those precious moments! Great job!

  • These photos look great! — very professional.

  • You did a fantastic job, that last photo especially is just precious!

  • You did an absolutely beautiful job, Penelope!

  • I love lifestyle photography!!

  • How fun! Your shots are absolutely amazing.

  • You are such a talented photographer, second shoot or not, you are very talented.

  • You did AMAZINg. Those are gorgeous shots.

  • These turned out just beautifully!