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Letters To My Son {August 2013}

To my little munchkin,

It’s mid-summer, and so far it’s the best summer of my life. I have two little boys I’m so proud of, and I spend my days watching you both run around our yard, playing with each other and laughing and having a ball.

One of the funniest moments this month, though, was watching your older brother refuse to participate in soccer (at all- wouldn’t even touch the ball when the instructor said to…only when he didn’t), and instead, you ran in and took over.

I guess one of you loves soccer, and the other just needs to keep looking for the sport you’ll enjoy πŸ™‚

I hope one day you can remember how much fun you had this summer together!


soccer 2

soccer 1

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  • Aww what a cutie! I can’t wait until my dude has his sibling to play with.

  • Donna

    Love the last photo! πŸ™‚ We tried all the sports but football (I refuse to let him play football, but he doesn’t have the build for it, anyway) but Cody just didn’t care for any sports, really. His thing has been acting. Your son will find his “thing” soon, I’m sure.

  • I love that you called this one of your best summers! I’ve got great news for you….it just keeps getting better! My kids are now 15 (my boy) and 11 (my girl) and we had an amazing summer. My son drove me everywhere with his permit, so we had great quality time together and my girl is all about starting middle school. Keep enjoying your kiddos because you won’t believe how fast they get to 15 and 11!

  • Oh my gosh! He is getting so big!

  • Your little soccer player is just the cutest! It will be interesting to see if he sticks with it. πŸ™‚

  • Love these pics!

  • Mellisa

    He is getting so big! What a little cutie pie.

  • What a handsome guy! Zoe wanted to play soccer last year when we signed Gav up. Yeah she cried and quit the first day of practice. Love those photos how precious.

  • Aw, he is getting so big! Love the last photos.

  • Such a little handsome fella! My son really doesn’t get into too sports either, but he loves soccer and baseball. πŸ™‚

  • Sounds like he has no fear, both of my boys play soccer but it is my oldest that has played every year since he was 5

  • LOL — he looks so proud of himself in that last pic! Totally sounds like something my youngest would do!

  • He is SO stinking cute!

  • Sounds like you are having the best summer with your boys!

  • He looks excited about playing ball!

  • He is so adorable! I remember when my eldest daughter started soccer. She was the same way, but as soon as she saw her younger sister going for the ball, she suddenly got interested.

  • I bet next year will be even better πŸ˜€

  • I love his expression in that last shot! That’s great they play so well together too!

  • Angela S

    This is just so sweet and you have quite the cute little athlete.

  • Awwww how cute is your little guy.

  • so adorable and such a cutie

  • So cute that your little tiger charged in to play! Ha!

  • I can’t believe how big your little one is getting. His expressions are great!

  • My daughter was much like your older son. Instead of playing soccer with the rest of the children, she cried standing on the field. We still haven’t found a sport she loves but she does enjoy playing the piano.

  • You will have to sign your little munchkin up for soccer. I love you pictures.

  • He is going to love reading these letters when he is older. So sweet.

  • Such a sweet post and adorable pictures.

  • I love it! Littler Man looks like he’s having a blast and I’m sure Little Man will figure out what he’s passionate about eventually πŸ™‚

  • Gotta love when you sign kids up for sports and they have no desire to participate. My 5 year old was like that with t-ball this year!

  • So precious – I’m sure they will remember – if not you take such beautiful photographs that will be their memories in time. Just adore!~