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We Buy Our Muscles And Capes At Target #TargetHalloween

The nights are longer, the weather is colder, and All Hallow’s Eve is on its way. There may be ghouls and ghosts and witches roaming the streets, but in this house, there are Superheroes. Three Superheroes to be exact, and of course, Superheroes should dress the part, with rippling muscles, leotards with leggings, and capes. Luckily, Target has just what we need, including muscles (and all at great prices- beats spending hours in the gym to get those biceps!).

We went shopping at our local Target, which is exploding with fabulous, colorful costumes, Halloween decorations, and of course yummy treats. The costumes range from from spooky to fun, and we found a lot of great stuff. Little man is to be Captain America, the baby is going to be Batman. Hubby can’t think of what he wants to be, but he got a real kick out of a gorilla suit (marked as appropriate for ages 3+ – I got a kick out of that 🙂 )

halloween at target

There were Angry Birds costumes (but little man does not want to be a bad piggy, he was vehement), and Super Mario Brothers, and of course face paints and mustaches and wigs. My husband didn’t want to leave. He would find another section and exclaim “This is so cool!.. I always wanted this as a kid!.. Hey, let’s get the kids THIS!” so yeah, I think Halloween might be a holiday for big kids too.

There were lots of creepy Halloween decorations, but the craft sets that allow us to make decorations are my favorite. It’s a great way to have the kids sit and be creative, and then display their creations. The glow in the dark window clings look kind of cool and creepy too, and a friend recently told me that adding a glow stick (Target has them in various bright colors like atomic green and neon yellow) to a bubble bath also makes for glowing bubbles when the lights are turned out, so we have a lot of cool things we plan to do in the weeks leading up to Halloween!

So what should I be for Halloween? What are you planning to be?

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Expect More. Pay Less.

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  • I think you should be Katniss! I’ll probably be a kitty cat. My favorite!

  • Mellisa

    Speaking of HAlloween Costumes, I still have to get my kids! I’ll check out Target this weekend.

  • I suck at costume ideas. I am sure whatever you choose will be great.

  • We just browsed Target’s Halloween selection yesterday afternoon. So much fun stuff and I was really impressed by the S’mores Candy Corn they carry.

  • I’m not dressing up, but my daughter is going to be a cat.

  • I love the craft sets too, my daughter is going to be a Dark Angel, my boys are too old.

  • Target has so many great options! Baby and I are planning on being matching bumblebees. 🙂

  • I’m sure you by now know how much I love Halloween by all my Halloween Posts and Target is my home away from home. They are my one stop shop for halloween.

  • I love shopping at Target. Not sure why I haven’t gotten by there to check out their Halloween stuff yet though, looks like they have a great selection.

  • We haven’t checked target for Halloween costumes but looks like they have a fabulous selection

  • I’m actually not dressing up for Halloween this year. I’m going to be making my kids costumes and I don’t have the time (or money) to make/buy one for me.

  • Haha looks like a fun trip!!! I can see him not wanting to be a bad piggy :-)!!! Too cute!

  • aww fun! 🙂 2 of my girls want to be witches and my pre-teen son just wants to go get candy and not get dressed up. lol The babies haven’t been told what they’re going to be yet 😉

  • Ha — was that friend me? 😉

    I spend wayyyyy too much time in the Halloween aisle at Target each and every time I go

  • I love the glow stick in the bathtub idea! Too cute. My little dude is going to be a super hero too {Iron Man}. You should be Wonder Woman!

  • That’s the big question in our house. My daughter has decided on an angel. You could be that!

  • Halloween used to be my favorite holiday, but I personally think it’s more for the children now as I get older. So, I’m not planning to be anything, and I’m not sure if my son wants to go trick-or-treat this year or not. 🙂

  • Penelope

    It was!! ;-D

  • Halloween shopping is so fun 😀

  • I have no costume plans for myself for Halloween. I just want to be comfortable! 🙂 My kids are all pirates this year, though.

  • I never dress up for Halloween no more, bummer! Sadly, I haven’t even started shopping for y kids yet, I’m SO behind on everything lol.

  • I’m going to be Wonderwoman! I have a tee shirt with a little cape attached, and my husband has a Batman tee shirt with a cape attached. Super simple, silly kind-of costumes 🙂

  • Penelope

    Ok, that is COOL!

  • I’m still not sure of what I’m going to be while taking Sweet Baby out. I was thinking we’d both be witches 🙂

  • They had such a fun selection this year.

  • I haven’t dressed up since the kids left home but I used to! I did pick up lots of cute things from there the other day though to decorate!

  • I’m all about coordinating family costumes so you should be a super hero too!

  • We were just in Target the other day and bought some Halloween goodies. My kids had a fun time looking at all the costume choices.

  • I wish I had a Target store nearby. I have to shop online at Target. We are going as Zombies but since I truly believe Halloween is a kids holiday I’ll be a pretty zombie so I don’t scare any little ones:)

  • You should be a superhero too!

  • Donna

    I’m going as a Vampiress (I think that’s what it is anyway. LOL) and my son wants to be creepy this year and is going as the Grim Reaper.

  • I’m not a big one for dressing up – so I won’t be, but I would be okay with something like a pirate if I did 🙂