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What’s In My Bag

What a woman carries in her purse says a lot about her. I remember watching a movie with Linda Hamilton, “Sex and Mrs. X”, in which a madame taught her that a woman with class never has loose change or crumpled gum wrappers in her purse, and if you overturn a woman’s handbag, you’ll find out everything you need to know about her.

I’m really not sure I agree that the contents of a handbag is the epitome of a woman (and the idea of a philosophical madame is pretty funny anyway), but I do think you can tell a lot about her, such as what is important to her, how neat she is, and how much she spends on her cosmetics *wink*.


kate spade gold coast leighton

What’s In My Bag?

1 kate spade Gold Coast purse (Leighton style)
2 Leopard print leather coin purse with 24kt Fluer de Lis print from Italy (purchased from a street vendor in Venice)
3 Kindle eReader with lighted cover for late night reading
4 Butterfly fob keys
5 A slim headband to keep hair back during busy days
6 Lipstick, lipliner and lip gloss
7 A note pad and pen
8 kate spade leather wallet

not shown…my iPhone 4s with a turquoise and grape Otterbox Defender case

What might my handbag tell you? I love simple styles. I love to read. I take notes (all the time). I like girly things like butterflies. I’m a traveler. I’m all about pretty lips.

What’s in your bag? What story does your handbad tell about you?

  • Leilani

    My handbag says I’m a big ole hot mess. It’s so disorganized with receipts and papers thrown in there, diapers, wipes. It’s just bad. Lol.

  • I love your wallet and key chain!

  • wait that’s it?? lol. I have TOO much in my purse

  • Evidently, mine says that I’m a woman with no class! CHUCKLE

  • Maryann

    you have a lovely purse and contents.

  • Uggg, way too much stuff!

  • I used to wonder why my mom carried so much in her purse, but I often find myself doing the same these days. 🙂

  • Wow, I must be a totally lousy woman then. You don’t even want to know what is in my purse LOL.

  • My handbag says I’m a casual girl that keeps it simple. I too have an Otterbox case!

  • Jennifer The Quirky Momma

    My handbag qualifies me for Ghetto Princess of the Year! I have zero money, a Coach wallet, asthma inhaler, lip gloss, my kids candy wrappers (classy) and an old movie ticket.

  • Hmm… a worn French wallet with rhinestone clasp, keys, free product coupons, funky lighter and subtly tinted lip balm, in a red leather shoulder bag.
    Guess that would say, likes nice things, but broke, smokes & doesn’t wear much make-up.

    I don’t smoke anyway…lol.

  • I love your coin purse. Too cute!

  • Your bad is so neat. If I dumped out mine I would be embarrassed of the mess!

  • I love this post! For the next year, I will have a messy diaper bag- can’t wait to get back to simplicity!

  • Oh my, my handbag is HUGE and it’s packed in case I’m at an event and decide to pop into a hotel and stay the night.

  • Penelope

    Oh, candy wrappers for your kids makes you a good mama! (Are we going to listen to a madame?? lol!)

    I often toss a bag of diaper wipes in my purse too, I just didn’t have them in there this particular day, but we are moms, we need things for the kids too.

  • My handbag would say can someone please find me another owner, lol.

  • I wish my bag was that light. I’ll have to work on that. With all the receipts, I guess it will tell you that I shop too much.

  • Oh lets see. Tons of lip gloss and lipstick and chapstick. Wallet with no money, checkbook, coupon file, Excedrin, hand sanitizer and notebook with pen. Love your bag!

  • Billie

    I work out of my house and so I don’t leave a whole lot, when I do I actually don’t carry a purse.

  • I definitely have loose change and probably have some candy wrappers in there…hmmm. I also have kleenex, chap stick, coupons, wallet, keys, pen, glasses and a camera.

  • I have way too much paper and junk in my purse, no matter how much I clean it out it becomes a mess again.

  • Your bag is so much more organized than mine. The kids seem to always put their stuff in my bag.

  • Jenn @therebelchick

    I have all of that and a ton more! Also, gum, mints, eye liner, hair pins and bands, receipts and coupons, etc etc.

  • I should do this. I carry my macbook air in my purse, along with makeup, wallets, receipts LOL

  • Mellisa

    You have a very organized purse!! Mine had way to much crap which I need to clean out this weekend..lol!

  • I carry a diaper bag now only. I have keys, cellphone, and wallet that is all for me. I love your butterfly keychain.

  • My bag is also my diaper bag since it’s huge 🙂 I also always end up wit a ton of receipts in my bag.

  • Donna

    My purse looks horrible. It is too full of things I don’t need. And the bottom is full of change and receipts. I just shove them in my purse with the intentions of organizing it later, but later rarely comes. :/

  • I have a Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo in the original monogram print. That says I like classic styles and the size of it means I like something that can serve multiple purposes – camera bag, laptop bag, carry-on, diaper bag, everyday bag. And inside is a little of everything – my comment would be way too long to list everything but I just love this post!

  • I try. I really do. But I have receipts, loose change, hair ties (in case my basketball player daughter needs one), sunglasses, a wallet that is too big with too many cards in it, business cards, business cards from other people I need to contact, and that is just the beginning…You’ve inspired me!

  • Adrienne

    That bag looks so clean and organized!