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Moms Need Pampering Too! {Guest Post}

As a busy mom, you may find it difficult to schedule time to rejuvenate. However, you can consider it more than a luxury. Everyone needs some time to relax and replenish energy. After taking such time to yourself, you will find you are more able to truly experience and enjoy the time with your kids.

Here are some ideas for healthy, relaxing activities to work into your schedule:

Plan a Lunch Date with Friends

Get caught up on grownup conversation. Invite some old friends to get together for a lunch date. You can even make this a monthly affair and members of your group can take turns staying home with everyone’s children while the rest do lunch.

Schedule a Spa Treatment

A spa treatment benefits both your mind and your body. Treat yourself to a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, a facial and even a new hairstyle. To keep yourself looking and feeling young, try indulging in anti aging skin care treatments. Schedule this spa alone or with your friends.

Go to a Movie

Most movies moms see are geared towards children. Give yourself a grownup break by seeing something you really want to see in the theater. Invite a friend or your spouse to go along, or go by yourself.

Go Shopping Just for You

Parents naturally buy a lot for their kids. Occasionally, treat yourself to a shopping trip that is just for you. Buy new clothing or anything else that has recently caught your eye, such as extra pampering products that you do not normally buy.

Indulge in a Good Book

Let your mind take a mini vacation by indulging in a good book. For just that brief time, let your focus be on some interesting imaginary world. Think of this time as a way to recharge your brain.

by Jennifer Smith

  • Those are great ideas!

  • Leilani

    Lately, my idea of pampering myself is indulging in a good book!

  • Lunch dates with friends always energize me…