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Great Reading For Better Well-Being

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Well-Being Powered by Humana for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Needless to say, our well-being is important. It’s the foundation for pretty much everything else in our life going smoothly, such as relationships, our health, the ability to reach goals, and more. Our overall well-being is a puzzle with many pieces, with good health, connecting to others, managing our finances in a way that gives us peace, having fulfilling hobbies, and more, all contributing to an overall sense of well-being and contentment.

When things are in balance in the various aspects of our lives, we have a sense of well-being, but because the details are different for all of us, there is My Well-Being, a health and wellness site that offers the tools to individualize our journey to well-being. My Well-Being offers content that is personalized, featuring expert articles, relevant videos, daily tips and more. You can save your favorite content in one place, and share things that inspire you with others. You can start with a my Well-Being Assessment, and get the tools you need to improve. There are also games and polls, a marketplace with special offers and discounts just for members, and a Well-Being facebook community where you can connect with others and share your thoughts.

I often have people write to me to look at their site, but MyWell-Being.com is a site I actually spent over an hour on today, because the posts were so helpful and interesting (the kind of content I’d love to have on my own site). Some of my favorite posts include “5 Reasons You Feel Tired” (love that it clearly offered solutions) and “What To Leave Off Your Resume” (I love that this article had the guts to just lay it out there).

There is information about health, money, relationships, hobbies, all things that matter to me. I took the assessment test, and felt the questions were pretty relevant to things that would actually impact my well-being (like feeling safe where you live…no one really thinks about that much, but isn’t the security of your family and the ability to walk safely around your neighborhood important?).

New members of MyWell-Being.com are eligible to receive a FREE Dummies book– there are three to pick from, but this site is so full of great information, though, that I enjoy reading the posts without any incentive to join (really).

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  • Sounds like an awesome website!

  • Interesting, I’m going to check it out.

  • I need to go check my well being out! Thanks for sharing, I should probably read that 5 reasons you feel tired post!

  • Billie

    Sounds interesting, I definitely need a boost in my well being.

  • Sounds like a very informative site.

  • debra

    Thanks for the review. I’m definitely bookmarking this site!

  • Sounds like an interesting site!

  • I’ll have to check this site out. Great information.

  • Sounds like an interesting site!

  • Looks interesting

  • Maybe I’m different, but I always look into the safety of the area before buying. I even check crime statistics, etc. Maybe I’m just paranoid. lol

  • Leilani

    Sounds interesting. I’ll definitely check it out.

  • Thank you – I’m going to check out those dummie books!

  • Sounds great!

  • Something I need to work on I spend too much time working and running around I’m tired all of the time. I seriously need to work on my own well being.