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Spring Shopping: What I Want This Year!

If there are two things I really love, it’s springtime and shopping! Once my baby is born, I can not WAIT to hit my favorite online shops for some retail therapy. I didn’t shop after my first son was born, knowing we’d have a second child and aware that my body measurements might continuously change. I was wearing lots of nursing/maternity clothes and sacrificed a lot of beloved clothes to the gods of anti-stretch mark body oil, but now that we are going to have our complete family, I can finally (after three years) focus on me again, getting in hot mama shape, replacing my oil-stained clothes, and culling out all that maternity wear to pass on to other expectant moms.

I’m shopping for gorgeous, colorful spring and summer dresses in eye popping feminine colors. My favorite thing in the world are dresses and skirts, and I found a bunch of new online sites that I never knew existed that offer the type I love…pretty and colorful spring dresses, and adorably feminine summer dresses. And yes, you may notice, I love strapless spring dresses and floral summer dresses:

pretty spring dresses

I’m shopping for all new sexy lingerie! No more replacing worn out nursing bras with new ones, I finally get to return to lacy panties and delicate bras, ruffly, extravagant, alluring and fun- ooh la la! (and i think my husband will be very happy with this too)

pretty feminine sexy lingerie undergarments

Sexy shoes and pretty accessories! I love high heels (I totally agree with supermodel Veronica Webb, who famously said that wearing high heels put a woman’s bum on a pedestal). I couldn’t wear heels when carrying an infant, or waddling around during the last months of my pregnancy, so I am shopping for sexy high heeled shoes to go with my new spring dresses with a vengeance!

spring fashion shoes handbags accessories

While I am grateful to Old Navy and the Gap for providing attractive maternity wear, I’m definitely looking forward to wearing jeans without a belly band, and tops without a flared tummy. A lot of my pregnancy clothes have been packed up already and ready to GO…out with the old, in with the new. Happy Shopping!

  • Have fun shopping mama!

  • I am in love with most of those dresses – it looks like we share the same taste!

  • Ooh so nice. That lingerie is definitely sexy. I hear congrats are in order mama!! So happy and congratulations to all of you.

  • Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

    I absolutely LOVE that black dress and that white dress, too fun and cute! I agree with you on being in the middle and not being able to focus on yourself because you are not done having kids yet. That is where I am at right now!

  • Michelle

    Hi! Where did you find the pink polka dot umbrella? I’m going to Paris in the fall and was hoping to get a really cute umbrella bc I hear it rains a lot there in the fall. Also I like the red bra and panty set….where’d that come from? Thanks!

  • You pictured some great finds. I LOVE sun dresses with flip flops or sandals during the spring/summer and I adore sexy lingerie ALL year around!