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Get The Look: Gold Metallic Nails #Beauty

Metallic gold nails are a fashion trend that for me, will always be hot (sort of like high sheen black manicure…very sophisticated and totally sexy). Nail polish won’t achieve this minx manicure, but anyone can get them with sticker wraps, and the one I love is Metallic Gold Nails Rock Wraps, available for about $8 from the UK.


The benefit of this beauty trick, aside from the crazy gorgeous shiny effect, is that it doesn’t stain or damage your nails like regular polish or salon wraps might. There are also a lot of really neat beauty looks with nail wraps that you can’t achieve with just polish, such as a denim manicure, a lace textured manicure, and more (and all for eight dollars)- it’s awesome!

How To Apply Metallic Gold Nails Minx Manicure Nail Wraps {Beauty Tutorial}

  • Choose the wraps you want to try (obviously I recommend the metallic gold, it’s my favorite)
  • Match the individual gold metallic sticker wrap to your fingernail (if none are a close fit, you can trim them) and place it on
  • Blast each wrapped nail with the heat from your blowdryer to warm it up, then smooth the sticker onto fingernail and over the edge
  • File to remove the extra and shape your nail
  • The end results? Gorgeous metallic gold nails that look like these:

    gold metallic nails beauty tutorial

    I hope you enjoy this simple beauty tutorial for your own Minx nails!

    • I love it! It looks so easy to do and I love all of the styles you can get. I need to pick up some!

    • Jenn

      Neat! Not sure I could pull it off though.

    • April Decheine

      I have never tried these wraps, how would they withstand working in the garden? They look really pretty!

    • whoa! Those are definitely shiny nails! I don’t think they’d look good on me though…

    • Billie

      Your nails look great, but I bet I would mess them up somehow.

    • Those are so neat!!!! Love the at home idea. 🙂

    • these are hot. makes you feel like living on the wild side. LOL!

    • Definitely glam! I love the look!

    • Ooo… I can never paint my fingernails correctly. Maybe this would help.

    • Penelope

      I know! I love sexy nails 🙂 (I’m not into long nails, but shiny and glamorous, yes please!)

    • Woah they are so pretty!! Now if my nails would stop breaking!

    • Awesome color! I’m so terrible with nail wraps, though. I think it’s just because my nails aren’t long enough, lol.

    • I’m definitely going to have to try this!!

    • Wow, that’s shiny! I’m not sure it’s for me, but it’s still pretty interesting.

    • Wow these are seriously awesome! I want that in a metallic purple! 🙂

    • Wow, don’t know if I would be brave enough to wear that color, but it looks great on you.

    • Those are SO cool.

    • Fun!! I don’t think I could pull off gold, but they look great on you!

    • Cool! Not sure I could pull it off though. I usually go for colors like pink or red.

    • Donna

      I’m so hard on my nails, between all the house cleaning, yard/gardening work, and I just cannot wear gloves (unless it’s a particularly nasty job). 🙂 But I will try these, because I love the gold!

    • They look great.

    • These would be awesome for a fun weekend of dinner and drinks!

    • Wow, those are some really gold nails.

    • nail wraps

      i like the golden colors, it is attractive

    • Megan

      These are sensational! Definitely something I’ll have to try!

    • I have been wanting to try minx for a long time. It looks so perfect on the nails.

      ~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

    • These look perfect!

    • Abby

      Nail polish doesn’t damage your nails it strengthens them… Nail polish remover on the other hand is a different story… Remover is very damaging