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Spooky Halloween Fun- Beauty, Photography Fun, And Printables, Oh My!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and while I’ve never been big on the more nefarious aspects of the holiday (my ready-for-Halloween parties costume is a mini-skirted Goldilocks, and black cats kind of scare me), I can still appreciate the sillier, fun aspects of the day.

So, for fun, I’m sharing some Halloween treats, starting with PicMonkey’s new Halloween editor. Have you tried PicMonkey for editing? It’s an online site that lets you upload your photos, edit and alter them, and add special effects. It’s where I adjust many of my blog photography before adding them to posts, and recently they added a slew of spooky Halloween effects (they kind of freak me out), and I tried it out a bit:

halloween photography editor

If you are giving out treats, I love these printables from Paper Coterie (click on photo to visit their site and download):

free halloween printables

Awesome nail art idea for the Halloween beauty– a Tim Burton manicure that looks pretty intricate, but I know there are nail fanatics out there who are really talented and can do this:

tim burton manicure nails art

  • Donna

    I wanted to do Halloween Bingo for my son’s class but my printer broke over the weekend. So I’m doing two crafts now. And you make a gorgeous witch, btw! 🙂

  • I really love those Bingo pages!

  • That nail art is really cool!

  • PicMonkey is great. I did the entire family over in Halloween zombies, witches and demons lol. I do wish their site wouldn’t freeze but hey it’s free!

  • Ooh creepy how fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I want those nails!! So cute

  • I love PicMonkey – so simple and fun! I find myself using it more than Photoshop these days.

  • Billie

    Wow, I love the detail in the nails.

  • Jennifer The Quirky Momma

    The Bingo pages would be so fun for my kiddos! It’s very rainy today, so something is telling me that mine won’t last too long outside tonight. Perhaps a game of Bingo is in order!

  • Maryann

    I love Tim Burton!!! so cute and so talented.

  • Jenn

    Love the bingo! Wish I’d seen this earlier. Maybe next year.

  • I love Tim Burton and wish I could pull off that manicure. I hope you had a great Halloween despite Sandy’s visit!

  • Love the nails!

  • Mellisa

    How fun! I’ll have to bookmark this for next year.

  • Happy Belated Halloween! I hope you guys are well.