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Celebrating Fathers

Dads matter. And good dads should be appreciated, and on Father’s Day, honored and celebrated. Here is to some great fathers out there!

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Father’s Day this year will be the first year that my husband celebrates fatherhood with both his boys. He reads my blog so I can’t say what we have planned for him, but I can say it includes great food, and lots of kisses and hugs from his sons.

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My husband is an incredible man. He is a great husband, but he is also a truly great father, and every time I see him with our sons, holding them, playing with them, napping with them, etc it makes me fall even more in love with him. He works hard for our family, is a great leader, and has a lot of integrity. I’d say I picked pretty well. Thank you for being a good dad!

And to all the other great dads out there, we appreciate you. You help raise children with focus, discipline, confidence. You make sure your children are safe and cared for, protected and educated. You matter, especially to your children.

And to all the women who picked well, good job! Now go celebrate those great dudes, and teach your children to always respect their fathers and appreciate what he does for his family every day. Whether he gets up early or works late, works at a tough job he may not love, or volunteers to be their coach, sacrifices getting a new sports car to pay for their college tuitions, or makes sure to make it home on time every day for family dinner, teach your children to appreciate it all.

Happy Father’s Day!

  • Fabulous! I absolutely love them all, but the 3rd one I think many of us need to remember! Me included since I’m always saying your making a mess!

  • rebeccazg

    some daughter ones too, if you can find …<3

  • Melissa

    Well these pictures are so fantastic. I loved the quote about a truly rich man is one who’s children run into his arms when his arms are empty! So beautiful Thanks for sharing.

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    Great collection.

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