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Winter Is Coming- How To Keep Your #Marriage Hot During The Cold Winter Months

Looking for ways to keep the romance alive in your marriage this winter? The days of outdoor fun, relaxing on the beach, and going for walks on a warm summer evening are quickly passing by, and the crisper weather makes many of us a little more withdrawn. This is no excuse to stop being romantic with your spouse, so read on for ten tips on how to keep the romance alive in your marriage even when it’s cold outside. Don’t put your relationship on the back burner in favor of warm sweats and old habits…instead, try these ideas:

10 Ways To Keep The Romance In Your Marriage During The Cold Winter Months

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  • Take a drive together through areas where the beautiful foliage changes colors in the fall. Stop by roadside organic fruit markets and pick up fresh fruit, hot pies and cider, and have a romantic day date together enjoying your goodies.
  • Take a break together for five minutes every day to enjoy some hot cocoa and relax together alone.
  • Get ready for the holidays together and make it a tradition to tree shop and decorate your home for the holidays together.
  • Take a steamy bubble bath together, with yummy-scented bubble bath and glasses of champagne, and surround the bathtub with candles. If there isn’t room, take a hot shower together and afterwards bundle up into cozy bathrobes and drink some champagne together while you cool off.
  • Go on a ski trip together at a ski lodge known for honeymooning couples, and order the honeymoon room. Ride the ski lift together, drink hot beverages together, and snuggle in front of the fireplace together.
  • On Thanksgiving Day, tell each other on how much you mean to each other, privately, verbally or on little note cards.
  • Go ice skating together, and hold hands while you skate together to romantic music. Request that your wedding song be played while you skate.
  • Exchange Christmas gifts in a different way. Toss out all your unappealing clothes and underwear, and buy yourself clothes and nightgowns or pajamas your spouse finds attractive. Show them you care to look hot for them, and let this be a private secret you share when others ask what you got each other.
  • Go window shopping downtown where everything is decorated with lights and everyone is cheery, for a dreamy, enchanted walk through a Winter Wonderland. Buy yummy winter treats and desserts, enjoy the festivities, and make sure you are bundled up in a cute, warm outfit. If available, ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the park together.
  • If you are tight on money or time, create a romantic Bed and Breakfast weekend right at home, with low lighting, fresh linens, a fluffy warm comforter, and of course a delicious breakfast in bed consisting of yummy treats like hot, buttery muffins, fragrant cinnamon pancakes and crispy bacon.
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    Don’t forget to follow the Happy Marriage Monday meme rules!

    Happy Marriage Monday Rules

    1. You can not be mean to your spouse, speak harshly to or criticize your spouse, neglect your spouse, roll your eyes at your spouse, or in any way interact negatively with your spouse, from sun up ’til sun down.
    2. You must greet your spouse sweetly, with a smile and kisses hello and goodbye, and ask about his or her day. You must listen to their answer before interrupting or talking about yourself.
    3. Don’t speak badly about your spouse today, to anyone, at any time, for any reason. Focusing on the negative leads to more negativity, so focus on the positive today only.

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    • Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy

      Love these tips! I’ve started looking forward to all these Happy Marriage tips that you post on Mondays.

    • Rebel Chick Jenn

      I love going through your lists each week. 🙂 I like to mentally check off the things I already do as I go. LOL I live in a hot-weather climate so this doesn’t really apply to me!

    • Megan

      My husband and I always go ice skating without the kids at least once during the cold months. We hold hands and it’s like we are in high school on a date. Such good recommendations! I’m going to try the bed and breakfast one.

    • great tips Love them. After 8 yrs we can use a couple of new things to spice it up

    • Joanne Cipressi

      Its hot here now, but these are great tips to keep in store for when winter arrives. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Terry (My Journey With Candida)

      Very nice tips. Monday was a rough day for both my Hubs and I. We were tired and working out in the garage. Needless to say, We didn’t follow your tips.

    • Colleen

      Great tips! We don’t get weather like that here LOL!

    • Heather

      So sweet. I can’t wait for the fall foliage. :0)

    • Awww I love these. We are heading out during peak of foliage this year as a family, but we hope to rent a cabin just me and hubs!

    • Dee

      Thanks for some great ideas for togetherness in a different way.

    • Sam

      I love these tips. We can definitely use a reminder, especially after being married for awhile. Thanks!

    • Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

      Wonderful tips! I love taking long rides with my hubby and kids!

    • You are in the best city to do so many of these things. I’m getting such a cozy holiday feeling from this post!

    • Dee @ Cocktails with Mom

      Great tips. Looking forward to more tips and ideas on your happy marriage series. Great stuff.

    • Karen

      Love the ideas you have here. It’s so nice to read good things about marriage and how to keep it alive rather than all the negative, scary stuff about divorce percentages. Great list you have there. We do a lot of these already, but maybe we ought to try the ice skating one?!

    • These are great tips! Now, if we could only find a sitter!

    • Danny

      I love these great ideas. There are wonderful and I must tell you there are doable. I live in the Scandinavia where the winters can be very severe, and meaningful ideas like the ones above can be very useful. Thanks for posting.

    • Mack 45

      I take her coffee in bed every morning. She brags about it all the time. I send her flowers at her office it gives her envy of others. I share the house work. I never take our love for granted. well I try not to . I take her to the show a few times a month.