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Maclaren Organic Toys- Safe and Sweet Gifts for Babies

Little man and Maclaren’s Organic Mac the Puppy

Maclaren is well known for making popular, top quality strollers at affordable prices. We love their Twin Techno double stroller (for us it’s second to none), and we recently learned they also make organic baby toys. When we bought toys for our little guy, especially stroller or crib toys, we always bought organic toys. He likes to put everything in his mouth, so it made us feel much better to know that whatever he was playing with was made of organic cotton. It’s great news that Maclaren, a company we love, now makes them also.

Maclaren Organic Ella the Elephant

Maclaren offers organic toys in three styles currently- a dog, an elephant, and a set of three stroller toys. All are well-made and packaged to make a lovely gift presentation (above photo), and the stroller toys also feature a fun vibrating effect when the strap is pulled and released. The stroller toys come in a pack of three- a turtle, a chicken, and a kite.

Maclaren Organic Stroller Toys

These colorful toys being organic means they are non-toxic if your child mouths them (no harmful chemicals, no dangerous dyes, no hazardous by-products in the material from the manufacturing process. There are also no buttons that can be chewed off, or long straps that can pose as choking hazards. I would feel safe with him falling asleep with these (though in general I don’t leave anything in his crib). They were made with safety in mind, and the fact that they are nice quality and cuddly for children is a plus. Our son liked the vibrating stroller toys (for a minute- he’s over one now so the novelty wears off quickly) but he really like the larger stuffed animals. He pretends they are pets and kisses them and pets them, then he hands them to me to kiss and pet them. The organic stroller toys would make terrific gifts for new babies up to about one, and the larger animals would be great for babies and tots as well.

Thank you to Maclaren for the samples!

  • Beeb

    How cute are those toys?! I'm shopping for a relative who is expecting, so I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for good gift ideas.

  • Ellen

    Ohh. how cute! I didn't know Maclaren made toys too.

  • Nichol

    So cute! They would be wonderful for the little girl I'm watching, like Ellen said I had no clue they had toys. So nice to know!

  • Lisa @ Simplified Saving

    These are so cute! I love Ella the Elephant! I just might have to buy one of these for my niece Ella!

  • Penelope

    You have a niece Ella? That is so cute, she may just love this 🙂

  • Dana

    Oh, sweet photo!

    I have some baby showers coming, very timely suggestions.

  • Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com

    Very cute toys. I love toys that are organic!

  • Lindsey

    Oooh, I love these – especially the fact that they're organic! I have a little boy coming in January that I'm excited to buy things like these for. 🙂 Thank you for the recommendation!

  • Karen

    Very cute, and love that they are organic.

  • tiff snedaker

    I can hardly get over how cute they are! Love that they make organic toys, they look so so soft.

  • Tenille

    Wow, I didn't even realize MacLaren made more than their awesome strollers! Thanks for the info Penelope!

  • Lady V dZine

    That turtle is ADORABLE! I didn't know they made toys!

  • Shannon

    Adorable! My youngest mouthes everything so this is perfect. I had no clue Maclaren made toys too!