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Capture Every Moment

Smart homes are starting to become the norm, and it’s no surprise when they save time and money, are incredibly convenient, and can help make families safer. We’ve been wanting to update our home with different smart gadgets and technology, not just for security (though that is the most important aspect for us), but for […]

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Vanderbilt Mansion + Planetarium

William K. Vanderbilt II was once one of the richest men in the world, and today his estate is open to the public in the form of a mini-planetarium, museum, and mansion set on 43 acres on Long Island. We visited the Vanderbilt Planetarium and Mansion on one of our last days of summer, mainly […]

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Getting Ready For Another School Year

The boys are starting school soon, and I have to admit I will miss them while they are in school. We enjoyed a lot of fun activities together this summer, including days at the pool and waterpark fun. How did the time fly so fast? I had so many more things planned, and the summer […]

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A Pure, Immersive Music Experience From Sony

This is a partnered post. Do you really love music? Is relaxing and listening to your favorite bands your happy place? I hear you, and love listening to music when I’m taking a break, or as the background noise of my life as I do chores and exercise and anything else. Being immersed in the […]

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What The Boys Learned This Summer

We haven’t been around much this summer, but we are making our way back now that school it starting up again soon. We’ve been spending more time unconnected from electronics and more connected with doing things. At the start of summer, the boys had asked me to show them how to cook, sew, and a […]

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