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He Does It Because He’s Not Supposed To

He doesn’t know I’m here. But he knows the forks are in there. He’s looking for the pens. To write on the walls. Again. He found the cheddar chips. They were inside a high cabinet. But he learned chairs aren’t just for sitting on at dinner. It doesn’t matter than he just fell down the […]

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We Decided On Parochial School

All parents want the best for their children, and we aren’t any different, so we moved to a wonderful neighborhood with top rated public schools. The elementary school my son is supposed to start in the fall when he enters kindergarten is literally 4 blocks from our home, a beautiful stone building located on a […]

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Thing 2 Turns Two

So another milestone has come to pass, and now there are no longer any babies in this house. As I wipe away a little tear, I still marvel at my two little gentlemen…they are my little Thing 1 and Thing 2, and this week we celebrated our Thing 2′s second birthday, with a house full […]

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When It Comes To New Babies, It’s Important to Know The #ABCsofRSV #ad

I’ve partnered with MedImmune and Latina Bloggers Connect in this compensated campaign to spread awareness for an important health issue. We welcomed our second son into the world a month premature, so saying we were cautious with him is an understatement. We limited visits from friends and relatives, and insisted on baby etiquette practices (even […]

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Letters To My Sons – March 2014

Dear boys, What a fun month this was! My little man, you have so much going on in school, you are learning to add and about money and about wonderful holidays and people in our countries history. You color in the lines, you are teaching your little brother to talk, and it was fun to […]

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Parent Vs Strong Willed Child

Do you have a strong willed child? I have two, and while I love it when children have gumption, I don’t like being challenged at every turn, so over the years I compiled some of my favorite parenting tips to help parents raise strong-minded, spirited children who are also disciplined and respectful. Five Tips For […]

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