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Travel To The City That Loves You Back For A Wonderful Family Trip

If there is one thing we plan to do as a family, it’s visit as many amazing parts of the United States as we can. My husband and I both love road trips, and we love learning about our country as well, so we particularly like to visit places that have meaning and a rich history for us to explore.

Benjamin Franklin’s birthday was on January 17th, and in addition to wanting to visit Philadelphia because it’s such a phenomenal city, it would be utterly fabulous to visit in celebration of his birthday because of his impact on the place known as the Cradle of Liberty. VisitPhilly.com has information for anyone who would also love to visit and explore, with information on tours, attractions, accommodations, and anything else you need to plan your perfect family trip.

We have our eye on the Walking in Franklin’s Philadelphia Footsteps tour. For three days and two nights we will walk through the towns, taverns, churches, and neighborhoods that our country’s founding fathers did, and get to immerse ourselves in the history of their lives- learn how they lived, what they loved to do, and more. The 3 day tour ends at the University of Pennsylvania, which I just learned was founded by Franklin. His impact on the growth and direction of the City of Brotherly Love is phenomenal, and we can’t wait to “live” his life for a few days and understand this fascinating man better!

Driving from New York City to Philadelphia takes less than two hours. That is short enough for our boys to nap on the way and not even notice they were stuck in a car. Hubby and I love just driving, but with two kids things like keeping them happy, entertained, or asleep are the goals so the distance to Philly is perfect for anyone from NYC who’d love to take a fun family trip, and even better, we won’t need to stop for gas or food- we can just eat and fill up before we start driving.

We are looking forward to the wonderful restaurants, seeing the Liberty Bell, exploring the Benjamin Franklin Museum, and everything else. Because we are hobby historians, this is our type of vacation!

Ben Franklin is Philadelphia’s favorite founding father. To evoke Ben’s wit, wisdom and joy year-round, visit his longtime home of Philadelphia. Learn more at visitphilly.com.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Philadelphia. The opinions and text are all mine.