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Triple Bun Twist Hair Tutorial #Beauty

hairstyle to the side tutorial

A beautiful and simple way to wear your hair is this lovely three bun twist updo hairstyle tutorial, a cute hairstyle that is really easy. It’s a great way to add some variety to your beauty routine, especially if, like me, you are used to twisting your hair up into a loose messy updo bun whenever you want it out of the way. The same look can get very boring, but a simple variation can make for a pretty, unique looking hairstyle.

For the Three Bun Twist Hairstyle, follow these directions (and use the photos below as a guide):
1. Brush loose hair free of tangles (this hairstyle works for all textures, but produces better results on longer locks).
2. Part hair into three equal sections.
3. Starting with the middle, twist hair and spin into a bun about a few inches above the nape of the neck. Pin in place with bobby pins.
4. Repeat twist buns on either side, creating loose, messy buns at approximately the same height as the middle one.
5. Lightly spray hair with a non-sticky hair spray.

twist bun hairstyle beauty tutorial

If tendrils or small strands stray, it’s ok, this twist bun hairstyle is meant to be fun and casual, though you can surely dress it up and make it neater for a formal event, and use decorative hair accessories to add a bit of glamour to the look. Pins with rhinestones or flowers are terrific ways to beautify this cute hairstyle even more, thought personally I love it a bit more tousled. It’s a good way to style hair during the spring and summer when you wear those gorgeous summer dresses! For more beauty tutorials we love (such as this fun knotted updo), check out our Beauty Tips and Hairstyle Tutorials section at the bottom of this site, and stay tuned for more pretty styles coming soon!

cute messy updo triple bun hairstyle