How To Create The Messy Updo Bun #Beauty

I love the way casually dressy, tousled loose upod buns (aka messy buns) allow a woman to look both laid back yet pretty. Here is Natalie Portman sporting the messy updo bun that the simple tutorial below can help you create as well:

how to create messy loose updo

Natalie Portman sports messy updo

The messy updo bun is a beautiful and sophisticated hairstyle option to keep your hair away from your face without resorting to a basic ponytail all the time (and takes less than a couple minutes).

How To Create The Messy Updo Bun

1. Tie hair back into a high ponytail. Spin the ponytail into a bun and bobby pin into place.
2. Spritz some hairspray onto the bun so it stays in place (doesn’t come loose while you go about your day), and shake it gently so it messes up a bit. This helps to avoid that librarian/school teacher stern looking tight bun.
3. Add a narrow headband or skinny elastic band, pushing it back about two inches from the forehead to create that full “bump” on the crown behind the headband that gives the look a bit of a Greek goddess touch (optional, for a dressier look).

Voila! Less than two minutes to easy glamour.

If you want a more casual looking updo bun, skip the spray and headband and use a pretty hairclip to accessorize your hairstyle and keep hair in place.

Me with my quick messy updo bun:

how to make messy loose bun

Penelope with messy updo bun

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  • cute!!! I’m always looking for things to do with my long hair. I don’t like short hair but I also don’t like putting it in a boring pony tail every dayReplyCancel

  • Very cute! I love the messy look. My hair looks better after a few hours than it does when fixed. :)ReplyCancel