Our Summer DIY Home Improvement Projects

I’m a crafty person, so I love to make things, especially things that make life easier and more beautiful. DIY home improvement projects are big in my family- between a dad with a green thumb and love for carpentry, to a brother who built a computer from scratch, we love to just do it all ourselves.

Our family DIY home improvement projects this summer were focused on organizing and decluttering our home while making it prettier. This week, I wanted to organize some kitchen shelves and maximize shelf space in a way that is attractive and doesn’t add more clutter, so I found some cup hooks to put into my cupboard shelves to hang up our mugs, which were previously just stashed on top of each other. The result basically doubled the shelf space in a simple way and made everything easier to reach on every shelf I added these to. All I needed were gold cup hooks and a hammer to lightly tap them into the wood; after, I just twisted them the rest of the way.

diy home project kitchen organizer

When I’m done with each small project, I feel thrilled. Not because I’m done, but because I did it! I love to make my home more beautiful and more organized, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, and I plan to do more this summer and into the fall too. We start ‘em young around here too, because after my father made this family mail “control center” for our incoming and outgoing mail, we recruited my toddler son and niece to paint it (with adult supervision and help). They had a great time, and things are always better when the whole family has fun:

diy home improvement ideas organizing

My next DIY Home Improvement projects are:

1. Taking an old wooden frame that is beautifully shaped and creating a chalkboard for little man to practice writing his letters on. It simple to do- I paint the frame a beautiful color, paint a mirror with chalkboard paint, attach it to the frame and hang it up within his reach. It’s a DIY project twofer- makes the house more beautiful, and helps my son to learn. It can also double as a family message station when the kids are grown.

diy chalkboard tutorial

2. My dad has a green thumb and is helping me develop my garden. Right now we are growing organic vegetables that we use to make healthy, fresh salads for the family (I love salad and veggies), and since I also want a lovely garden but don’t want to spend all my free time on it, I found this list of plants you rarely have to water on HouseLogic.com for ideas for a beautiful garden that requires minimal work.

3. Make a key station with a frame. For this diy home improvement tutorial, cut a piece of fiberboard to fit into a picture frame, cover board with a piece of fabric, and staple it in the back to keep it in place. Place the board into the frame and fasten on labels and screw hooks for each set of keys.

diy key rack tutorial

Visit Houselogic.com for lots of great ideas and inspiration for your own summer DIY projects. The goal of HouseLogic is to help homeowners maintain, protect and increase the value of their homes, as well as advocate for homeownership issues. Houselogic was developed by the National Association of Realtors.

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