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How Much Do Dietary Restrictions Affect Your Choices In Life?

Whether you live a gluten free lifestyle, have a totally organic diet, are vegan, diabetic, or any other nontraditional diet, maintaining your healthy diet can be difficult during certain instances or in certain places in your life. I read an article about a young man whose college choice was heavily determined by easy access to gluten free cuisine, making me wonder how many of us find the need to make major life choices (such as where to live, travel, go to school, work) based on our health and dietary needs, or those of our family members.

Do you only travel to resorts with organic food? Is your entire house gluten free for the family member with celiac? Did you choose a home because of its proximity to medical care or support system? How much do your dietary restrictions (whether mandatory or a lifestyle choice) determine important you choices you make?

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