Romantic Renaissance Braids (Updo) #Beauty

I love romantic, feminine hairstyles from times past, and this simple Renaissance hair style tutorial is super pretty. It’s a beautiful braided updo using a reverse S braid technique, and can make any woman with a few moments to spare into a Renaissance beauty. You need to be able to make a french braid or reverse french braid to achieve this pretty, feminine hairstyle. Here is our braided updo hair tutorial in both pictures, and explained underneath as well…have a great hair day!

pretty hairstyle ideas for long hair

What I really love about this romantic hair idea is that if you don’t have time to wash your hair but still just want it to look pretty and feminine, this is a great style until you have time to give yourself a proper hair wash and blowout.

romantic feminine beauty hair style

How To Create The Renaissance Braids Updo Hairstyle

(follow the pictures like a backwards S- just like the braid!)

1. Start with your hair down and brushed, and begin french braiding hair from the left side over to the right.

2. Continue to braid, curving downward and then back toward the left, creating the top part of the backward S, then again toward the right side.

3. When you reach the end, continue to braid hair until you run out of hair. Take the braid tail, twist it up, and pin it into center of hair. Voila! A simple, pretty, feminine hairstyle that would look pretty with a summer dress or any romantic look.

I hope you love this braided updo hair style tutorial!

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