How To Blow Out Hair At Home #Beauty

Crave the look of a blowout, but not the cost? Learn to blow out hair at home!

Here is a step-by-step blow dry tutorial to give yourself a blowout at home. Make your hair straight and give yourself lots of volume easily- style your hair like a professional stylist!

My sister was kind enough to be the model so I could take photos. Blow drying hair at home is easy, taking photos at the same time is not.

Before blow out photos:

blow dry hair

How To Blow Out Hair Tutorial- Blow Dry Hair Straight At Home

Step 1. Wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. After washing out conditioner, run some cool water through hair.

Step 2. Gently comb out hair. Let air dry or towel dry gently until it’s mostly dry (about 80% dry).

Step 3. Separate hair into manageable sections and hold each section in place with a clip. Thicker hair will require more sections:

how to blow dry hair

4. Blow dry one section at a time. Start at the roots, and gently pull brush through while pointing blow dryer down towards the ends of hair. The brush you use should be appropriate for your hair type. We like the ceramic vented round brush, but a boars head brush is great to add shine to hair, and a paddle brush is sufficient if you want straight hair without more volume.

blow out hair

When you reach the end, rotate brush inward continuously while aiming warm air on hair to turn ends of hair in for a more polished look, or rotate brush outward if you would like to blow out your hair with an outward flip for a bouncier look.

5. When you reach the top of the head, lift the hair up and forward before blow drying hair back for extra volume:

blowout hair

6. Finally, when you are blow drying the hair around the face, pull hair forward while drying hair. You can then either part your hair or blow out the strands back.

blow drying

7. When you are finished, put the blowdryer on the cool setting and quickly go over surface of hair to seal the strands, smooth cuticles, prevent flyaways, and give hair a sleeker, shinier look. Finishing off the blowout with a blast of cool air also makes the blow out last longer, even in humid weather.

The end results of a beautiful blowout:

blowout hair


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  • Gorgeous! :) Thanks for the tips, definitely going to give it a try! I straighten my hair sometimes but mine is pretty thin and it makes it too flat. Blowing it dry always seems to look better.ReplyCancel

  • Jenn

    What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. Styling your own hair can be such a hassle, but this actually makes it look easy!ReplyCancel