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Mother’s Day Gifts Moms Will Truly Love ♥︎

I’ve been a mom for 13 years, and it has really made my appreciate my own mother, grandmother, and all the other women out there that do the work of raising up great new people. It’s the best job, a challenging job, a rewarding job, and a sacrificial job!

So, why not treat the beautiful mothers in your life? Here are some incredible, affordable, and luxury-saturated gifts that will utterly delight moms this year… they deserve it!

grace & stella “Just Roll With It” 0.25mm microneedle and hyaluronic acid

Microneedle rollers have taken the beauty industry by storm, introducing teeny micro cuts into skin that our body that heals by building collagen… a great way to boost our skin’s beauty and youthfulness as we age and loose collagen and elasticity in our skin. Our facial skin is more delicate, so the 0.25mm length size of the grace & stella microneedles are perfect both for general beauty enhancement to get glowing skin, and to help favorite beauty products absorb into our skin more effectively. The grace & stella hyaluronic acid (about 10 mls is included in a dropper bottle as part of this gift set) is naturally occurring in healthy epithelial cells, and applying it to our faces may help reduce dryness, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and overall make skin look more dewy and lovely. Mom will love it! Get it for her here.

Boomstick Trio – Color, Glo, Glimmer – from BOOM! by Cindy Joseph

The hardest part about choosing makeup is picking colors that flatter your skin tone. Well, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph created a trio of sticks that flatter all skin tones and colors, providing blush, eyeshadow, moisturizer, highlighter, body luster, and even a cuticle cream to moisturize your nails, all in one set. COLOR can be used on the lips, cheeks, and eyes (I’ve been loving the lightly ruddy eye shadow palette for eyes that has become popular), GLO can add some gorgeous highlights and moisture anywhere on the face and body where you’d like the light to hit you just right, and GLIMMER adds some iridescence without being heavy or noticeable at all, just a sort of something that is mesmerizing. The colors are so light and shimmery and natural looking (they look very saturated but are actually very delicate when applied), and you just look flush with good health and natural beauty. The Boomstick Trio is a great gift for anyone who wants to look polished and pretty without spending too much time on makeup (raises hand- meeeee!) because you just swipe everywhere and go! LOVE IT! Find it here.

TOCCA Luxury Fragrance Warbdrobe

It’s hard to pick one perfect scent to gift someone, so why not let the woman you want to celebrate choose her own fragrance? And lots of them? The Luxury Fragrance Wardrobe by TOCCA features nine delicious scents that combine everything from florals to fruit, and they are divine. My favorite is Stella, which is wonderfully aromatic with blood orange, freesia, and spicy lily… amazing! Cleopatra is scented with grapefruit, jasmine, and vanilla musk and is very sensual, Florence (bergamot, pear, and gardenia) is scrumptious, and Gia, with pink peppercorn, tangerine, and turkish rose, is heavenly. You will definitely have more than one favorite, and can share with your mom and sisters too. It’s a divine set to sit atop your vanity and start your day right with a few dabs of your favorite perfume. Get your set here.

grace & stella facial cupping set

Finally, our pick for a beauty trick that stands the test of time (and in a high quality set that is the sturdiest and most effective I’ve come across). Cupping has been around for a long time, and that’s because it works by pulling up layers of deeper skin and fascia to release any stagnancy and adhesions. People who use cupping say it’s sometimes better than any therapy or treatment, and that includes many beauty treatments. Why not make your face look younger with a tried and true method, simply by using small, quality silicone cups to gently lift areas that are losing collagen or starting to form wrinkles. Regular cupping can prevent deeper lines from forming, and this set comes with a silicone “brush” that will improve circulation to the area and reduce swelling by draining excess fluid via the lymph nodes. The grace & stella facial cupping set includes jojoba oil as a carrier oil. My favorite places to cup on the face are the temples (these tend to sort of cave in as we age, a subconscious signal of age that we don’t think about, so cupping the temples for a few moments will encourage collagen to build and keep this part of the face fuller), and the jaw line and area around the mouth, where adhesions can easily form from smiling a lot (marionette lines) or gravity-caused sagging (jowls)… cupping can stave these off for many years and keep you looking younger and more beautiful for longer. Find this fab set here.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day celebrating with the wonderful moms in your life ♥︎