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March 10th is MARIO DAY!!!

It’s Mario Day! Or, Mar10 Day!!

My sons love Mario Brothers and all things Nintendo (well… who doesn’t?) and we celebrated by playing all new Mario games and the boys dressed like the Mario Brothers as they ran around and had fun all day. There are events EVERY WHERE celebrating, as well as deals, new games, and more (find Mar10 event news and more here)


So what are our new favorite games? Well, joining our collection recently are…. ***drum roll***

Mario Party Superstars which is a family board game of four game worlds, where we take turns rolling the dice (which can magically roll up to 10) and landing on adventures, with minigames (so many different mini games!!) after each turn… worlds include Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Peach’s Birthday Cake, Spaceland, Woody Woods, and Horror Land. The goal is to collect the most stars/coins and work your way through the maze as the games (and your opponents) plot against you, and there are clever ways to win that teach children to strategize. Four players compete (AI fills in the blanks if you are playing alone or with less than three friends), or play online with friends, and you can set the level of challenge difficulty. Since I play this game with my sons, we play it on the TV instead of consoles for a huge version of our gameplay. The graphics are great! I love all the colorful, unique, whimsical worlds; they are amazing.

Mario Party Superstars
Mario Party Superstars

The mini games include guessing games, balancing challenges, figuring out mazes, and so much more. Games like Hot Rope Jump, Pushy Penguins, Goomba Spotting and more. Sometimes everyone challenges you, sometimes you are assigned random teams… there are so many! By my count, there were about 100 mini games, and I think it will take a loooong time before we manage to play them all (and they are so fun). If you want to just play the many mini-games, pick Mt. Minigames and compete against online players from all around the world. The options for online minigames with international players rotates daily so there are even more options here.

If your family loves board games, this is an interactive, animated version of the best board games, with more excitement and suspense and no pieces to lose or clean up. A real winner!! Find out more about Mario Party here.

Super Mario 3D World- Bowser’s Fury is an exciting game where Bowser (a very angry Bowser) is ready to challenge Mario and his friends, and you can play alone, with friends, or challenge your own friends. Traverse through six worlds with amazing backdrops, from water or ice to sand or the sky, and more, and discover traps set for you all over the place. Characters include Plessie, a rideable dragon that can carry everyone at once, and the Sprixie Princesses who need to be rescued from Bowser. There are really cool power ups, such as Super Bell, which gives cat-like powers to climb and scratch and pounce, as well as Super Leaf, which gives you a tail that can whack enemies and help you float, Boomerang Flower, which lets you attack bad guys or collect objects from afar, and Double Cherry, which duplicates your character five times.

Some friends who played this with us are saying this may be the most fun Mario game they’ve ever played, and it really is a great addition to our beloved (and massive) Super Mario collection of Nintendo Switch games… we love it so much! Find out more about Bowser’s Fury here.

Super Mario 3D World- Bowser
Super Mario 3D World- Bowser

We have some Mario toys we are starting to work on (LEGO Mario sets!!) and can’t wait to share those with you soon… they are a collection of mini sets that combine or expand to create one large, multi-course adventure that is actually playable!