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And Just Like That….

The story of Sex and the City continues, and I just recently watched And Just Like That The Complete First Season, where

This post may have some spoilers, so read at your own risk *** Spoiler Alert ***

Carrie Bradshaw is back in our lives, but everything has changed. Samantha has left the best friend group, and now lives in Europe after a fall out with Carrie. We have the return of some old characters and stories (Stanford and Anthony are still together, as are Miranda and Steve, and Charlotte and Harry) as well as some very cool new characters, including Charlotte’s new bestie LTJ and someone’s new love interest, Che. Everything is different, kids are grown but still around, there are new parenting challenges, relationship challenges, and career challenges, and it all takes place in a post-COVID world where old ideas have passed away and activism and political awareness are the norm.

I don’t want to give ALL the spoilers, so I will tease with some hints to get you excited to jump right back into Carrie’s stylish, high-speed world:

1 Our sexy friends are getting older, but they still look hot, know the trends, and are dealing with everything that comes with being in their 50s (the tragic, the mortifying, and the funny) with grace (for the most part), as well as some breakdowns.

2 Our favorite ladies have to deal with growing pains in their kids that are unlike anything their own parents had to deal with… it’s a new world.

3 Carrie’s nemesis, the gorgeous Natasha, comes back into her life in a shocking way, possibly positing more questions than are answered.

4 We see frenemies from Carrie’s past who hold grudges pop up, because sometimes people don’t get the closure they wanted in the original series … and evidently they have been stewing about it! I can not WAIT to see how some of these story threads continue.

5 And of course, while it’s not in the title anymore, sex is still a main topic of discussion, as our growing cast of characters navigate their different relationships and struggles, and some are still looking for that great love

And a few fun shockers I don’t mind spoiling: Carrie learned to cook! Miranda switches careers! And Charlotte joins the PTA 😂

I’m looking forward to season two! I heard that even more favorites return, and I can’t wait to see why!! If you haven’t see it yet, watch!! The first episode is a bit heavy on catching us up to where the world is today, including some cringe Miranda moments where she goes overboard to prove she is politically aware and ready, but also does do a good job of showing where every character is in a single episode, getting us up to date… after that, the season slowly unfolds into developing all those storylines from the first episode into unexpected ways, and it is really great!

And just like that… I’m ready to return to the world of Carrie.