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Gifts for Rainbow Lovers

If rainbows make you happy, and you dream in bright color, here are the coolest gift ideas for everyone who loves a kaleidescope of ROYGBV all around them. Brighten your day and share the happy!

1. Stack and Tumble Wooden Block Game it’s like Jenga, but more fun, and all ages love to play it

2. Plush Rainbow Scarf the clouds are soft and fluffy, and it has a hidden storage pocket too

3. Rainbow Pen and Phone Caddy it holds a lot, including art supplies, pencils, makeup and makeup tools, and will leave your vanity or desktop looking super organized and pretty

4. Rainbow Umbrella rainy days are no longer gloomy because you’re bringing the color to gray skies everywhere you go

5. Rainbow Tape Dispenser I don’t know why I love this so much, but every time I see it on my desk when I sit to write, it makes me feel so cheerful