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Favorite Finds From Around The Internet

Sometimes I find something online that I just love and want to share, so I collected some of my favorites (for myself to refer back to, and for you to discover and enjoy). Here they are!…

This was predicted five years ago, and I’m still waiting for it to happen- tiny home villages!

tiny home villages

I was taught this story about generosity as a child, and was delighted to find it on one of my favorite minimalist blogs when perusing their archives recently- The Boy and The Sundae

A 17 year old boy from Michigan made his own nuclear reactor in his backyard by posing as a high school teacher to discover information on how to make it.

My sons love doing a daily Wordle from the New York Times each day, after a friend shared it with us. Only one a day (same word for everyone), so don’t worry about becoming addicted- they limit it for you.

An amazing book for parents, Hold On To Your Kids, explains the importance of why parents need to matter more than kids (or peer influence), and inspirational (and devastating) talks by author Gabor Mate can be found on YouTube to encourage parents to maintain a life-saving bond with their children.

A Hobbit… office? Very cool! Big points for this dad.

Man builds hobbit home in backyard

“There is a huge difference between using technology to consume mind numbing, worthless, and addictive materials and using technology to be creative and innovative. You would have never caught Steve Jobs or Bill Gates playing Pokemon Go, or Clash of Clans for hours on end. They were “creating”…not “consuming” someone else’s creativity. “