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The Diner Burger

Summer is for barbecues, and this year we plan to have them as often as possible. Burgers are always a hit, and the best burgers are bbq’ed over a slow fire for a wonderful smoky taste.

first summer bbq

What is our favorite burger? We have a few, since we’re a family of carnivores with different tastes. I’m sharing two family favorites today!

How about a burger on a Farmhouse Hearty White Bun covered is sesame seeds, loaded with cole slaw and lettuce and pickles and tomatoes, i.e. The Diner Burger? A homemade version of the burger you love to order at your local diner!

The Diner Burger
unique summer burgers

During my college years and my 20s I would often stop by a diner late at night for a quick meal before heading home to sleep, and sometimes this would be up to 2am (when I stayed up late studying for an exam or worked a late shift at a 24 hour pharmacy). I grew to love those diner burgers with the side of cole slaw and pickle, and got into the habit of just loading it all onto the burger instead.

When I had my own family and started to host barbecues at home, I craved those delicious diner burgers and recreated them for my guests with homemade cole slaw and sliced up dill pickles, dubbing them the classic “Diner Burger”. They are large and overloaded with yumminess!

big bold burger ideas

How about a burger on a Farmhouse Hearty Rustic Potato Bun topped with pineapple and avocado, with drizzled cilantro lime dressing? It’s for a huge appetite that is craving amazing taste- between the tartness of the pineapple, the smooth flavor of the avocado, and the spicy sharp cilantro lime dressing, all enclosed in a rustic potato bun, this is flavor overload.

pineapple avocado burger
creative burger toppings
tasty unique burger toppings fixings

With hearty and strong buns, we can load them high with any fixings, and they just don’t fall apart. Make sure you have the staple diner fixings with cole slaw, cheddar or American cheese, ketchup, and pickles- and bonus points for a side of steak cut fries and onion rings!

Have a fun summer barbecuing, and please let me know if you tried our favorite burger recipes 🙂