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Simple ideas for refreshing your children’s bedroom

Children’s bedrooms always seem to need something doing to them, don’t they? However, if you’re not quite ready to completely redecorate your children’s bedrooms – but think they need a little refresh – it can be hard to come up with new ideas. With that in mind, here are some simple tricks you could try.

Add color in new ways

Adding a splash of color to children’s bedrooms is always a good idea. But you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much bright color, so they can’t sleep. So, why not try painting smaller elements of the room instead? Coving and skirting boards are ideal for this. For example, if the room is painted a light blue, you could add a mid-blue shade to the skirting boards.

If you don’t currently have skirting or base boards in the bedroom, it could be a good idea to install some. They’re ideal for protecting the walls from scuffs and they cut down on draughts and look great. There are loads of handy online guides to show you how to fit skirting boards yourself too.

Find some child-friendly artwork

Many of us love adding new prints and pictures to our walls, but children’s bedrooms can often be left out. Not all artwork is that attractive to younger ones, so it needs to be something they can appreciate. And adding simple prints can be a great way to add a pop of color or unique personality to the room. If you’ve got a themed room, it’s a great opportunity to add a few pictures to complement the theme.

Change the bedding

Children not only outgrow their bedding, but it can simply loose its original appeal. So, choosing some new bedding is another simple way to give the bedroom a refresh. It can match a theme or just give the room a much-needed change of color or pattern. You could choose the bedding to make the room feel a bit more grown-up, without needing to redo the walls or buy new furniture.

Add a cozy rug

The floor is an expensive part of any room to change. But sometimes you don’t need to go to so much effort. Especially if there’s an easier option. Adding a new rug to any room can instantly change the vibe and give it a lift. Simply adding a new area rug to a child’s bedroom can provide a change of color, add some warmth and texture, and change the way the bedroom feels, helping to create a softer and cozier atmosphere. This is really useful when you’ve got a child that doesn’t tend to sleep well or plays on the floor a lot, for safety and comfort.

Updating a child’s bedroom is fun and a treat for kids… enjoy the experience!