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Heading Into 2021 Safely

It’s a new year, and 2021 presents an opportunity for us to reset and start over after a mercurial year. Social distancing and mask wearing is still important where we live, and we have many people we care about and want to keep safe, so we are taking extra measures to keep our home clean and safe. We have two new products in our home from Toppin Technology, a stylish Touchless Sensor Soap Dispenser that allows anyone to dispense soap and wash up without touching anything (and thus not spreading anything- like COVID, the flu, a cold), and the Toppin Cordless Vacuum cleaner, a super light, super powerful cordless vacuum that cleans things up in the tightest corners in a snap.

Hands off!

The Touchless Sensor Soap Dispenser looks great on our counter, and I love that we finally have a way to make our family (and sporadic guests) feel safer when they need to wash their hands. One of the biggest factors in spreading germs is through our hands and what we touch, so I fill up the dispenser with an antibacterial soap because it allows us to refill it with any soap we’d like. I can adjust how much soap is dispensed with each use, and the counter top looks neater and more organized with the beautiful Touchless Sensor Soap Dispenser instead of store bought bottles.

During this time when being hand to hand and person to person contamination is such a concern, the Touchless Sensor Soap Dispenser really is a life saver. Toppin offers three types, including a foaming dispenser (that should be supplied with a foaming soap for best results), and it’s a great way to keep the bathroom a little more sterile and clean all year long. It’s also easy to refill, and it’s pretty cool to just wave your hand under the dispenser and get soap (the boys get a kick out of it), so this is definitely a must have for any home.

Suck it up!

I’m embarrassed to admit I usually don’t vacuum more than once a week, because it’s a bit of a chore to drag out the heavy vacuum so often and pull and push it through the house. Our new Toppin Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is so light and easy to maneuver, I find myself vacuuming almost daily. Despite being so lightweight (about 3 lbs), this vacuum packs a punch and sucks up hair, stubborn lint, small crumbs and big crumbs- everything! I keep it near our front door to continually vacuum our main use rooms daily (a great habit so I don’t worry what anyone is bringing in on their shoes or tracking into the house before they arrive at the shoe station). It’s fabulous because I can tackle stairs with ease, reach under beds and couches, and vacuum tighter spots and corners. It’s compact and powerful (130W), and I’m embarrassed by how much it was able to clean up the first time I used it.

The Toppin Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has extra attachments to reach tighter spots between upholstery cushions and higher spots that shorties like me struggle with, as well as an LED headlight to make dark corners and closet floors visible. It can be converted into a handheld vacuum to vacuum the car and couches, so I’m vacuuming the carpet, area rugs, hardwood floors, seats, and car with one easy to manage appliance- I love it! The wool roller is tangle free (good thing because I have long hair), and I relish hearing the crackle sounds of specs being vacuumed up – it means my floors are cleaner. It runs for over 30 minutes on a lithium battery and takes about 4 hours to recharge. It has a cyclone filter that prevents the dust from being recirculated, and the filter is washable. At only $149, it’s also a great price.

Toppin Technology also offers humidifiers and air purifiers to help us create cleaner, healthier homes with stylish small home appliances that add convenience and a sense of security that we are doing our best. Use code Penelope20 at ToppinLife.com for a 20% discount on your order! Find Toppin on Instagram here.