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Adding Flavor to Summer Eats + Treats

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx

Summer is here in full force, and we are so ready to enjoy some seasonal eats and treats. I’m especially looking forward to enjoying them on the go, because we aren’t busy with school and work this time of year- we are busy having fun and don’t want to slow down! We were introduced to a few new (to us) products that actually in me being to participate in more water gun fights and pool days, because I was spending less time in the kitchen, but still providing my family tasty and healthy dishes. It’s great when you don’t have to choose and can have both fun and great food.

Sweet and Tarty Treats

We’ve all heard of the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, but I never really enjoyed the taste- until now. Apple Cider Vinegar Blends from BRAGG are incredibly tasty, and I can’t emphasize enough how astounded I was by how delicious. I tried two flavors, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Blends in Orange Tart Cherry and Citrus Ginger, and found them to be delicious in homemade dressing, in a marinade, in various recipes, and as a shot- they are that good. My favorite is the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Blends Citrus Ginger, which has honey and lime in it; I’ve been splashing some over everything lately.

Here is a quick recipe for a homemade dressing/marinade that is divine for the summertime: mix 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil with 2 tablespoons of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Citrus Ginger, 1/2 a teaspoon of thyme and rosemary, and pour it over chopped greens and sliced summer tomatoes, or pour over cubed chicken in a zip baggie for overnight marinading.

Both flavors are delicious with a sweet and tart flavor boost, which is the main reason I loved them, but they contain prebiotics for great gut health too- a major plus. I find myself keeping a bottle on the counter at all times to throw into everything, and both the salad and the chicken kebabs came out perfect- beyond delicious.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Blends are both immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory. If you are one of those people who didn’t love apple cider vinegar but really wanted to try daily apple cider vinegar shots for your health, you are in for a real treat. It’s all organic too, and a great way to punch up an otherwise standard family dinner that gets repetitive without something more fun added. Bragg Live Food Products is the oldest independent natural food company in the United States, with a product line that includes apple cider vinegar shots (huge immunity booster and may help weight loss goals), olive oil, seasonings, salad dressings, beverages, and more- all to support our wellness goals.

Bragg is available at natural food stores, grocery stores and major markets, as well as Amazon and Bragg.com, and are currently offering a 10% off discount with code BABBLE10 on Bragg.com. For more information on Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Blends, or their other healthcare and wellness products, visit bragg.com.

Mighty (and spicy) Sesame

The Mighty Sesame Company is founded by actual sesame experts, who spent their careers tasting, grading, and creating with sesame. They know what tastes good! Considering my favorite thing is salad (it’s a running joke everywhere I go that you have to “make sure there is a huge bowl of greens for Penelope, and she’ll be happy”), discovering Mighty Sesame Organic Tahini and Mighty Sesame Harissa Squeeze & Serve Tahini, which I can mix into my salad dressings, dips, homemade hummus, smoothies, sandwiches, and more, is a real coup. Mighty Sesame Squeeze & Serve Tahini are massively tasty and nutritious, ready to pour and eat or add to recipes, and very creamy and nutty flavored. On its own, it has a flavor similar to nut butter, but is smoother and easier to mix in to recipes than a typical nut butter so is a pretty good replacement for those recipes. It would work well with many dessert recipes, and add a thicker consistency to dishes that need some creaminess.

I tried Mighty Sesame Harissa Tahini in a shredded chicken wrap and it made it wonderfully spicy (and a little goes a long way). It adds protein and calcium to meals, and is vegan- a great way for anyone who eschews animal products to add some much needed protein and calcium to their diet. It can be used instead of mayo too. It would be a great protein boost to a morning energy shake, blended in with vegetables- yum! Mighty Sesame Organic Tahini is organic and gluten free, and it’s all non-GMO too, so you can opt to choose spicy harissa or organic, depending on how hot or mild you like it. You can find more sesame deliciousness here.

Energy- Ready to Serve and delicious

Minute Rice

My sons would be happy if rice were added to every meal, but when I’m cooking up something quick, I don’t really feel like standing over a hot stove to boil water and make them rice, or pulling out a rice cooker to make a little bit for a quick lunch. Ready To Serve Rice from Minute Rice lets me add rice to any meal quickly, and in the right amount to satisfy them. Minute Rice has been popular for a long time, because it’s simply cooked and dried rice that is ready to be heated up and served- no chemicals or worries.

Minute Rice Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice is fragrant and tasty and just want the boys love as a base for our ground tofu and homemade chunky tomato chili. Minute Rice Ready to Serve Brown Rice and Quinoa is more my speed, with some crunchy red quinoa combined with earthy brown rice that I can eat right out of the package after heating it up. Both are great for an energy boost, or with some protein poured on top (beans? chicken salad? whatever the boys are in the mood for!), and because they are heated up in their package in individual servings, there is no clean up either. Microwave rice bowl and in a minute, it’s ready. Find all Minute Rice products here.


Enjoy these summer treats, and let me know if you come up with any unique recipes!