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‘Tis The Season to Stop and Smell The Fir Trees

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Trapp

Creating a warm home atmosphere involves many aspects, including beautiful decor and comforting, welcoming scents. I recently displayed a Trapp White Fir, 7oz Poured Candle, soy-wax blend on my server because it both smells wonderful (like Christmas trees) and looked beautiful, and it now fills the house with a divine, seasonal fragrance, while blending in perfectly with our more rustic, simple decor.

Trapp focuses on providing quality fragrances, and I loved how clean the soy-wax blend burns. I also loved the enticing scent that filled the room before I even took the candle out of the box! The room was filled in moments and every time I enter the room, the wonderful smell welcomes me again and is happy making. It’s a refreshing, cool aroma that evokes the feeling of walking through a winter forest, and fits in well in our home with lots of males. They tend to not like my flowery candles! They are okay with the scents of baked goods and foody scents, but not flowers, so found Trapp’s White Fir candle a wonderful surprise.

In addition to the White Fir, 7oz Poured Candle, Trapp offers a variety of other seasonal scents, all imparting the same rich quantity of fragrance. Trapp guarantees that their high quality candles will fill a room with its scent within minutes, guaranteed. These luxury candles are made of a soy-wax blend that burns cleaner, for approximately 50 hours. The Trapp White Fir 7oz Poured Candle features fragrance notes of a Frasier Fir, Balsam Wood, and Cool Ozonic notes, and if you love seasonal candle scents as much as I do, you will be happy to experience their other six seasonal fragrances as well: Orange Clove, Holiday, Golden Cypress, Fireside Pumpkin, Hearth, Lemon Sugar Cookie.

Don’t they sound divine??

We light it whenever we are relaxing at home, because why not? We love having the scent fill the room, and visitors love it too, so whether we have guests over and want our home to smell wonderful, or the day is passing on and we like the ambiance of a glowing light, it adds atmosphere and sets a great mood.

Trapp White Fir 7oz Poured Candles fit into a house with men both because of the fragrance and the style, so I love it even more, and it’s become one of my favorite gift ideas for men. I’ve always struggled for a gift idea for my sons’ male teachers, my brother, and other important men in our lives. These premium candles are a great gift idea. Most men (or families with lots of men) don’t want the aroma of strong flower bouquets in their homes or office, and they certainly don’t want feminine or flowery candles clashing with their more rustic or contemporary decor. The packaging is festive while understated, and because the scent of a Trapp candle fills the room within moments (guaranteed), it adds to the aura and feel in a space before it’s ever even lit.

Stock Up On Holiday Gifts With This Sale Offer

Trapp is currently offering a great deal that will help you check off many names from your holiday gift list (especially all those dudes who are hard to shop for): Buy 4 Candles, and Get One Free with promo code FALLTRAPP! This offer is available until September 29th, so it’s a great chance to stock up for your own home as well. Imagine lounging around on a Saturday morning with your coffee and the aroma of Fireside Pumpkin keeping you company, or lighting up the Lemon Sugar Cookie candle before guests visit. Your home will be an aromatic treat!

With the purchase of any four 7oz poured seasonal candles, you will receive one 7oz poured seasonal candle for free, per order. To receive your free candle, put five seasonal candles in your cart and one will be deducted at checkout when you use promo code FALLTRAPP. This offer is valid through store.trappfragrances.com and is not valid with any other coupons or offers. Expires December 31, 2019 at 11:59pm CST.