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Join the Read Aloud Challenge this March!

We love to read aloud in this house, and typically take turns (sometimes I read to the boys, and other times to boys read aloud to me). It was the single most fabulous thing we started to do together in the last year, because I love to read, and now, so do my kids. ReadAloud.org is issuing a fun challenge to parents to read aloud to or with their kids for 21 days in March, and we are joining in!

If you aren’t aware yet of the amazing benefits of reading with your kids, here are some of them…

Benefits of reading aloud with children

1. Bonding and memory building – your children will love cuddling with you, spending time together, and getting your undivided attention

2. You explore wonderful new worlds and go on unique literary adventures, together

3. Your children learn to listen and focus, and often reading comprehension improves as well

4. Your children is introduced to new vocabulary, and you are there to tell them what those words mean while they hear them used in context

5. Choosing books that have moral dilemmas as part of the plot can be character building, and choosing books about cultures and countries they aren’t familiar with yet expands their minds

6. If your child is reading aloud, they see words spelled correctly and punctuation used properly, and it all becomes part of their memory bank

7. As you read literature, your children are exposed to beautiful language and sophisticated language structure, which helps them verbally express themselves properly and with correct grammar

8. A good story can be life-changing, and stay with your child long after you close the book, igniting a love of reading more on their own in the future

I think reading is the best way to pass the time (so much so that I created a free printable for you)… I can’t think of anything better than sitting in front of a fire with a great book and a cup of coffee or tea ♥︎

benefits of reading aloud with kids

Join in the fun at the Read Aloud facebook page.