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Bibliophiles and Legoholics

Typically, a mom who find her sons staying up past their bedtime would be annoyed. But, if she finds them sneakily disregarding bedtime lights out rules to read a book, then… well, my heart melted. I don’t mind a little rule-breaking when it’s to read. It’s naughtiness I am on board with, and in fact, I can’t think of a better thing to try to sneak in when no one is looking. Especially for me, a bibliophile who has fallen in love with so many different worlds in so many different books, I totally understand where they were coming from.

And I think they knew I would find it more adorable than disobedient ♥︎


And as you can see, my boys are prepared. They have headlights in their rooms for late-night reading so their hands are free to turn pages (or hold the covers up if they are really up late and think I’m going to come in and somehow not see the light shining through the fabric, lol).

They also love LEGOs, and have been creating sets from Harry Potter and Jurassic Park lately that are really amazing. They’ve been doing it completely on their own, no adult help, which makes me proud because I found the instructions a bit confusing and overwhelming for some of the sets. This morning while I drank my coffee, my younger son tried to explain the geometry of LEGOs… “you put them together like this, mama, to make a square square, and like this to build it up as a rectangle for walls”.

lego fun


And I managed to snap some of my older son on his projects with my phone (“the best camera is the one you have on you”)

harry potter lego
lego hogwarts great hall

Unfortunately, we were a little late to the party for some really cool LEGO sets we had our eyes one (we now know that if we see a LEGO set we want one day, to not wait until one day because they sell out and they don’t come back!). We wanted to buy the Ghost Busters Firehouse set, which is really cool – the building opens up. But alas, it’s sold out and gone, so we learned our lesson. Going forward, we plan to add to our Hogwarts LEGO universe and start on some Disney sets and roller coaster sets, and snatch them up as soon as we find them in a store.

The boys also began on Star Wars, but put that on the back burner for now since that is something special they only do when nana is visiting. Their nana recently suggested that they look into LEGO competitions, and that is our next plan!