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Tea Time ♥︎

It’s tea time! I recently had the opportunity to try out a new (for me) nano-ground tea powder from U•Nature. U•Nature Oolong Tea Powder is made in Taiwan, a premium ground tea powder with a wonderful fragrance and lovely, delicate fruity taste, and which is ready to enjoy during my downtime in ten seconds flat. No steeping required, in fact hot water is not even required to enjoy it, but I do love my hot tea so I drink my Oolong tea this way. I just add 1/2 a teaspoon of the U•Nature Oolong Tea Powder to hot water in a mug, or a hot water bottle if I’m on the go- I can just shake it and take it along.

taiwan ground tea powderoolong tea

U•Nature Oolong Tea Powder can be used to make a delicious tea any time, providing a boost of anti-oxidants and even a bit of fiber and protein. It has some caffeine, not as much as coffee, but enough to keep me going when I hit my usual afternoon energy slump.

What’s really terrific about it is that it can also be used for cold drinks (just mix 1/2 a teaspoon into your cold glass of water), in a milk tea (flavor your milk with half a teaspoon of Oolong Tea Powder), in smoothies (add in to taste when making a smoothie with your favorite fruit), and for baking! I love the idea of making muffins or other tasty baked treats and adding in some nutritious Oolong powder to enhance it with both flavor and nutritional benefits.

ground tea powder

U•Nature does not make any claims on its Oolong Tea Powder other than it’s delicious and naturally sweet (no sugar added), but Oolong tea is known for many health benefits such as boosting metabolism and providing some vitamins and minerals, helping support weight loss efforts, improving mental alertness, blood sugar regulation, and of course reducing those harmful free radicals. I love teas with a delicious fruity taste, and since I know U•Nature Oolong Tea Powder is a premium source, and the tea powder is so versatile, it’s the Oolong tea I plan to keep in my house.

U•Nature offers a variety of other ground teas as well, made in the same style of grinding tea leaves for faster tea flavor without anything artificial or unnatural. You can learn more about them here.