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Sometimes It’s Ok For Kids To Play With Their Food

This post is sponsored by the Goldfish brand but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My sons are artistic, and we have fun after school and on our days at home during school breaks and on weekends. We read together, build unique creations with STEM toys, and do arts and crafts. My boys also love Goldfish Cheddar and Goldfish Colors crackers, which isn’t a surprise. They are tasty and fun, and a nice treat after long school days or while playing on the weekends.

Goldfish crackers are more than just a tasty snacks, though, because they inspire creativity and playfulness, and the boys and I like to add them into the mix when we experiment with how we express ourselves artistically. Goldfish crackers inspire them to create fun #GoldfishTales while they snack, and we create fun stories and laugh while we share our tales.

Inspired #GoldfishTales ❤️

Letting children talk and express themselves is a great way to encourage their personalities to blossom. Kids love to tell stories, and they can be pretty silly! If you are looking for a great way to encourage your child to be more expressive, bring some Goldfish Cheddar or Goldfish Colors, both for treats, creative fun, and smile-making story telling. Listen to them as they share, and tell your own tales if they want to hear yours too.

The more you encourage your children to express themselves, the more confident they become, and the happier life at home is- laughing together is bonding! If your child is shy, or you feel like you don’t connect enough with your children, it’s time to take a break every week and spend time with them, playing or doing homework. Goldfish crackers are always baked with real cheddar cheese, and have no artificial flavors or preservatives (those colors are sourced from plants) so parents can be good about serving this snack to their kids, and incorporating them into playtime, or anything they are doing.

Time with kids equals love

How do you have fun with your kids? How about an afternoon chatting, telling jokes, and creating your own Goldfish tales? These are the things your children will remember when they grow up, and want to re-create with your own families. And it’s simple to do! Just clear your schedule for a few hours, put out some markers and crayons and construction paper or oaktag for your kids to have fun with, and of course Goldfish Colors crackers in fun colors, and join them for some creative fun! Take a few pictures too, so you can look back on the good times and be inspired to do it often! Capture those smiles ♥︎ Capture the silly

Check out “We ❤️ Goldfish Tales” at GoldfishSmiles.com. It’s a fun place to see tales that others have created, to inspire you or just watch with your kids for some fun. There are behind-the-scenes videos and how-to clips that can teach you how to make a stop-motion video (something fun for you and your kids to learn).