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Help Save Time, Money, and the Environment by Taking the Quick Cold Pledge with Tide

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

Earth Day was just a few weeks ago, and my sons came home from school excited about ways they learned to help the environment, and what we could be doing more of as a family to help our Earth. I generally try to lighten my footprint in ways I consider a fit for our family, such as paying bills and reading newspapers online, reusing and up-cycling anywhere possible, and borrowing or sharing instead of buying.

There is more I can do, and more that we can all do. And luckily, they are easy to incorporate into our lives without noticing any difference, while making a big impact on the environment. Tide is helping our efforts by encouraging all of us who want to save (time, money, and the environment) to switch our washing machine cycles to quick and cold, because this can save some SERIOUS energy, and Tide PODS are up to the task of getting clothes clean in cold water and shorter wash cycles.

cold and quick laundry cycle with Tide PODS
save money on laundry with Tide PODS

Take the pledge

I typically pick up my Tide PODS at Walmart, and was happy to take the #QuickColdPledge. Not only will it show my sons I care about the environment too, but it will help our budget when we run fewer hot, long-running loads to do our laundry. It also saves me time because I can get through the chore of laundry much faster with shorter wait times in between loads – a triple win!

You’ll use up to 80% less energy when you wash clothes using the quick and cold wash cycle versus normal cycles, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%. That is huge! Tide PODS are specifically formulated to work efficiently in quick and cold cycles, so your clothes are clean and smell great, without needing to waste time or energy. In fact, when Tide PODS are used in quick and cold cycles, you get 10x the cleaning power in half the time compared to the leading bargain liquid detergent brand. Wow!

Tide PODS good for environment

Ready to help (and save time and money too)? Start by taking the #QuickColdPledge, now that you know the importance of washing laundry in the quick cycle with cold water and know that Tide PODS have super washing power and are designed just for the task.

Tide PODS are available at a great price at Walmart now, and to help get you save even more right away, go to your Flipp app to get a coupon for $2 off Tide PODS at Walmart. Share why you’re taking the #QuickColdPledge on social media to help encourage others to save too!