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Multi-Tasking For Fitness

I try to get outdoors every day during the summer, but on those rainy days I keep myself indoors, and that means I have to exercise indoors too. I also admit to being a multi-tasker. I’m not zen enough yet to really focus on ONE thing at a time, especially when that one thing is watching TV- it doesn’t feel right to me to just sit down in the middle of the day and watch sitcoms because it’s raining out and my chores are done. Does that make sense?

Flexispot’s All-in-One Desk Bike was the answer to my problem, an exercise bike that provides a desk surface so I can watch TV without guilt, because I’m exercising too! I can read emails (which always seems like a major time-waster) because I’m also getting in shape at the same time. Just about anything I would usually need a surface for (and usually sit for- reading, skype, editing photos) I can now do it while getting in a little cardio!

The Flexispot All-in-One Desk Bike is unlike any exercise bike I’ve ever seen, because not only is it super comfy and very well made (specs and details below), but it converts into a standing desk if you don’t want to sit and pedal, making it a huge space saver. I love this bike! It has wheels so it can easily be moved to any part of the house we’d like to use it, it has a cup holder if you just want to have a sit and drink while watching a YouTube video about how to file your taxes yourself, and its compact size and streamlined appearance makes it a lovely little exercise bike to keep at hand in your home. Love it!

Sitting at a desk all day has been shown to lead to a slew of maladies, from bad circulation to “secretary’s butt”, so it’s recommended that you move at least ten minutes each hour that you have to sit for a job. If you work from home, with the All-in-One Desk Bike you can just start pedaling! And since standing desks don’t have all the same terrible side effects that sitting at a desk has, even if you don’t want to exercise on your Flexispot All-in-One Desk Bike, you can quickly (two seconds) convert it to a standing desk and work. It’s awesome! Both the desk and seat height are adjustable, so if you aren’t as petite as me (or are even shorter), you can adjust it to fit your body and make you comfortable.

The seat is super cushioned and comfy, the pedals have a comfortable silicone cover, the desk top has padding for your forearms, and overall it is designed for super convenience and comfort. It’s very easy to put together (slide in desk, bolt in a single screw with included Allen key, and turn out wheels), and even my sons love to bike on it while playing games (and it may help them get that extra pent up energy out during school time when they are indoors a lot and have homework to do- they have to move somehow, and this is a great solution).

The Flexispot All-in-One Desk Bike is available here and here for about $399 ($299 if you just want the bike to fit under a standing desk you already have)… here are the promised specs:

* Seat height adjusts from 29.6″ to 37.2″
* LCD display shows time spent cycling, mileage, and calories burned
* Desktop surface is 20″ by 22.8″ and height is adjustable from 42.5 to 48.4″. It moves vertically and horizontally.
* 9V
* Winner: 2018 CES Innovation Awards

I was sent a Flexispot All-in-One Desk Bike to test for the purpose of sharing our thoughts. Opinions are 100% my own.