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A Walt Disney World Family Vacation

Disney World is the place children dream of visiting, and families build memories filled with fun and exciting experiences. I went on a family trip as a child at eleven years old, and while it was great then, it has expanded and completely transformed in the two decades since.

Today, Disney World is comprised of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, as well as water parks, the ESPN Wide World of Sport complex, Disney Springs and more … a compilation of everything a family needs for the perfect family vacation.

Walt Disney World Family Vacation

It truly was a magical experience, and we were very grateful to be invited to share in it as part of #DisneyFamilia with some other bloggers and their families. In just four days, we enjoyed a little of a lot, more than a blog post worth (but we’ll try our best).

Walk Disney World

Disney Resorts

Our first night at Disney World was rainy, and it didn’t slow us down. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Trattoria al Forno before venturing out into the rain in our ponchos to walk around Epcot Center at night, and enjoying our first ride, Soarin’, a flight simulator that feels like you are really soaring over some of the most beautiful places in the world, including deserts, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China.

After, we had a quick break for dessert and walked around outside to watch the evening lights and fireworks show, complete with music. At the light show, glasses are passed out that transform all the lights into Mickey shapes, super fun for the boys.

Epcot Center
Epcot Light Show
Epcot Fireworks

Before our evening ended back at our World Disney World Resort Hotel, my little Price Charming found himself a princess (he was utterly enamored and let her know how lovely he found her) …

We stayed in a Finding Nemo styled room in the Art of Animation Hotel, which has two bathrooms (one is off the master bedroom for parents and the other is in between the dining and living area, both of which have queen sized beds). The rooms fit up to a family of six, and fully embrace the sea world theme. Inside, we found Mickey toy surprise gifts, snacks (pretzels and crackers and marshmallow rice treats shaped like Mickeys that were so delicious), and even the toiletries had super cute Mickey details.

Rides, Adventures, + Chip ‘n’ Dale

Day two of our Walt Disney World family adventure started with a ride to Magic Kingdom. Just walking around was a fun experience, perusing through themed shops and street carts filled with wonderful art and wares.

My older son found his favorite characters while we walked around- Chip and Dale wild west style …

There is so much more at Magic Kingdom to share that is coming soon, so stay tuned for more of our Disney Family adventure!

The magic is real ♥︎