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Sick Day

Late Sunday afternoon my little five year old woke from a nap feeling warm, and his sweet little drowsy eyes looked up at me with supplication while his little hand gently touched his forehead. “I feel hot and my head hurts” he whispered, and so we spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. He didn’t want to go outdoors, he didn’t want to play, he just wanted to snuggle with a blanket wrapped around him and his head on a pillow. He was definitely sick.

So the next day (today), he stayed home, because little boys with a fever shouldn’t go to school. After we dropped his brother off at school, we spent our Monday together with him resting some more, taking medicine, and asking me to just lay with him while he slept. Luckily, he is in pre-K and he will not really be missing much (they are learning to tell time all week), and I love his company, so I didn’t mind canceling my plans and staying home with him. These days the boys both spend way more time in school than with me, and spend even more time rushing to lessons and activities after school, so I didn’t mind a little break in that routine and the chance to spend more time while he still is young enough to actually think mom is fun 😉

After a bit of medicine and a big bowl of hot, tasty avgolemono soup, he started to feel much better, and his shy little smile returned.

By the middle of the first bowl he was feeling well enough to feed himself, and asked for a second serving. And of course, it wasn’t long after that he was ready to watch his favorite show, Wild Kratts (a show about animals I love for kids as much as I love Curious George), and play games on his iPad. When he’s too sick to play on his iPad, he is really sick, and when he starts asking for it, the tide has turned.

Eventually, he started to peer outside the window at the movement and life outside. He was bored of being indoors for so much of the day, and didn’t feel like lying down anymore or just sitting around. His fever was gone, his tongue looked healthy and pink, and he was ready to play with his friends again. He repeatedly asked when we were getting his older brother from school, and encouraged me to go earlier because “he is waiting for us and wants to come play with me”.

I got his school bag ready for the next day ♥︎