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Living Like A Total Boss

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Total Wireless through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about Total Wireless, all opinions are my own.

Everyone’s got their thing, and mine is super fun living. We love any outdoor activities that bring us close to nature and are true adventures, and we don’t have a home filled with lots of stuff stuffed everywhere. I keep a clutter-free home with lots of light, space, and fresh air filling it instead of things, and a schedule packed with recreational activities, because it’s better to do than to have (at least if you want the fun life).

Part of my “do” mantra is to give gifts of activities or experiences to people over just more things that they probably don’t want or need anyway, and I can pick out amazing experiential gifts for people better than anyone I know. I find myself often receiving texts asking for ideas for people who are looking for the perfect gift of a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone, or planning a family vacation that is filled with extraordinary escapades that would make a regular family holiday more of a spectacular week-long event. We have lots of those under our belt. ♥

gifts of experience

I also love receiving emails or calls from friends thanking me for a gift of adventure that they never would have thought to have done otherwise, and now that they have, they see things differently and feel more daring and excited about life. Some of my favorites are 1. interacting with sea animals, including training seals and caring for sea turtles – my sons and many children love these best, and it teaches them an appreciation for animals too, 2. sailing lessons or hang gliding lessons – you will have no fear of anything once you conquer these, and 3. surf lessons, because surfing is so ridiculously fun!

Life is for living and having fun, so don’t let wasting time and money on overpriced stuff you just store away crowd out what matters! Most of us moms (I’m right there with you!) tend to overextend ourselves because we want to please everyone. I learned that it’s ok to say no to what isn’t a fit, and in fact, it’s often the best thing. If it doesn’t work for you or your family, if it wears you out or is an imposition, or it’s something you just don’t want, it’s ok to have the confidence to say “No thanks!” A mom who has the courage to make the best choices for herself is a mom who is fully charged and able to provide her best, so have the confidence to not let anyone or anything drain you.

And if it’s good for you, sometimes you just need to go for it. Find out what you love to do, and do it (like a total boss)!

experiential giftsgifts of experienceexperiential gifts

Own your thing

I definitely cannot do everything perfectly (I can’t remember an appointment unless I write it in my planner, and I have chicken scratch handwriting, to name a few things), but I know I can plan an action-packed adventure that are incredible, and it has become known as my thing. For me, I splurge on memory-making, and I save on collecting things to fill my shelves or drawers.

gifts of experienceexperiential gifts

When it comes to being smart about money and smart about how I connect with friends and family, Total Wireless gives me the feeling of total confidence that comes from getting the best deal in a wireless provider. With unlimited talk and text, plus 25 gigs of shared* high-speed data, no contracts, no credit checks, no mystery fees (big one for me), I feel like I’m owning my finances and ability to connect too. I’d rather have a great phone with features that are useful to me and a wireless provider that offers me a great deal, than an expensive plan with a bigger carrier filled with clutter I don’t need. Know what I mean?

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